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Tap-A-Draft has created a patented, easy to use, beverage dispensing system with changeable CO2 and nitrogen cartridges. The Tap-A-Draft beer dispenser fits easily in the refrigerator and 3 of the 6-liter bottles can hold a five gallon batch.

Tap-A-Draft HomeBrew Bottle O-Ring More Details
Tap-A-Draft HomeBrew Bottle O-Ring
Tap-A-Draft HomeBrew Bottle O-Ring
  • This is a silicon o-ring that goes between the tap and the bottle.
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$0.79* $N/A* N/A* 0.01 lbs* N/A* Yes*

* When you click on the "More Info" button you can read the about Tap-A-Draft equipment.

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