Mead Making Kits

Mead making involves honey, water, and yeast. Use these mead making kits to produce a delicious batch of honey wine at home. Mead may be flavored with hops, fruit or spices depending on tradition or a given recipe.

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The Compleat Mead Maker

In the Compleat Meadmaker, veteran beverage hobbyist Ken Schramm introduces the novice to the wonders of mead. With easy-to-follow procedures and simple recipes, he shows how you can quickly and painlessly make your own mead at home. In later chapters he introduces flavorful variations on the basic theme that lead to meads flavored with spice, fruits, grapes and even malt.


Backyard Beekeeper

Backyard Beekeeper


Mead Making Kit - 1 Gallon

1 gallon glass jug (128 oz)

2 gallon (256 oz) fermentation pail w/ lid and 48 in. siphon hose

1 solid stopper, one drilled stopper, one airlock

1 packet of wine yeast, one packet of yeast nutrient

1 container of sanitizer, and a 15 page instructional booklet


Mead / Fruit Wine Making Kit - 1 Gallon

2-Gallon Plastic Fermenter

1-Gallon Jug

Tubing, Airlock and Stopper

Straining Bag

2 oz. Oxywash