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Thermoworks Smoke - Homebrew Temperature Monitor

2-Channels, one for air temperature and the other for liquid temperature

Magnetic back to mount directly to smoker, oven, fermenter or kegerator door

Back-lit large digital displays

Wireless to 300-feet line of sight

Uses commercial-grade Pro-Series Probes


Acid Test kit

Good acid testing is important in winemaking in order to ensure good flavor and for keeping full bodied qualities in finished wines. Only grapes grown under ideal conditions will contain acids in the right proportion to produce good wine. For best results it is vital to measure and adjust acid before fermentation begins.

Kit Contains:

One plastic syringe, testing cup, 4 fl. oz. sodium hydroxide solution, 1/2 fl. oz. phenolphthalein color solution in a drop dispenser bottle.

Desired Acid Levels:

Fruit Wines .60%Red Grape Wines .65%White Grape Wines .75%Sherries .50%


Ph Strips-Wine

Accurately measures the pH of wine. Jar of 100 strips. Range: 2.8-4.4



Easily tests alcohol content of finished wine.


Thief, Glass

Easily extracts wine for testing purposes.


Titret Kit

Range: 10-100mg/l


Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide


Vinoferm Vinometer

Easily tests alcohol content of finished wine.