All-in-One Brewing Systems

Beer brewing machines and appliances that can mash, boil and chill within one unit. These special all-in-one-brewing systems are perfect for pilot brewing new recipes and simplifying your brew day.

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Pico 5L Counter Top Electric Home Brewing System

Brew 5L mini-kegs of professional quality craft beer

A compact and affordable All-in-One brewing appliance

Uses PicoPaks produced by over 50+ craft breweries and homebrewers

Brews beer in about 2 hours

Pico can brew beers of up to 10% ABV


PicoBrew Zymatic Automated Brewing Machine - New 5 Gal. Corny Keg

Introducing the PicoBrew Zymatic, the world's first countertop all-grain brewing appliance! The Zymatic (or PicoBrew, the company name, as it is popularly known) is a compact, easy-to-use, fully automated brewing system designed by homebrewers, for homebrewers. With the press of a button, you can now easily and effortlessly make 2.5 gallon batches of beer, all in a self-contained system! Got yard work to do, but still want to brew? No problem! Kids have a soccer game, but you still want to brew? Again, no problem! This is truly a set it and forget it brewing system like nothing seen before! It's also a great system for all-grain brewers wanting unparalled repeatability, or for pro brewers out there that want a small and compact pilot system.

How Does it Work?
Simply load your corny keg with water, add your grains (up to 9 lbs) and up to four separate 1.5 oz hop additions, select a brew profile, and let the PicoBrew work its magic! Brewing times average 4 hours for a 2.5 gallon batch that is fermented right in the keg. Once the PicoBrew has run its brewing and cooling cycle, pitch your yeast into the keg, attach the included fermentation lid, and allow the yeast to ferment. Just like that, you've got beer! After brew day is done, run the PicoBrew automated cleaning cycle, and throw the pieces in the dishwasher, and then cleanup is done! The Picobrew is the perfect appliance for quick and easy beer making with little to no effort!

The PicoBrew Zymatic includes an extensive and ever-expanding repitoire of recipes to choose from...or you can make your own! Each PicoBrew also comes with a Brewhouse account on, where you can create and share recipes with others, as well as check out what has recently been brewed on PicoBrew systems around the world! As a high-tech piece of brewing equipment, the PicoBrew can connect to via ethernet or WiFi, and brewing processes can be monitored from any PC, tablet, or web-enabled phone. Truly a wonder of moderm brewing technology, check out the awesome power of the PicoBrew Zymatic today!

Brews all beer BJCP styles in an average of 4 hours
Produces 2.5G finished beer batches
Recipe library with over 40 award-winning recipes
Predictive Recipe Crafter tool for custom recipe creation
Pre-packaged recipe ingredient kits available
Connects to service via WiFi or Ethernet
Supports all-grain and mini-mash brewing
Brews up to 1.090 gravity beers without adjuncts
Supports 4 different timed hops additions
Also great for Sous-Vide cooking

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions (WxDxH): 20.5"x14.5"x17"
Weight: 50 lbs
9lb capacity grain compartment
4 hop cages with capacity of 1.5oz each
802.11 b/g WiFi + Ethernet
Web-browser based software
Arduino-based firmware environment
USB connection to PC required for firmware updates
1500W heating element
Power connection: 120V/15amp

Includes: PicoBrew Zymatic brewing machine (120V), step filter with hop cages and filter beds, ball lock connection hoses, 5 gal new Ball Lock Cornelius keg w/shortened dip tube (if chosen).

** NOTE ** If you choose the "No Keg" option, you will need to provide your own 5 gallon corny keg. Used kegs can work, but make sure all seals are good, as improper seals can cause excess foaming during the brew day.


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