Measuring and Testing

Measuring and testing supplies for all your homebrewing needs. Get the exact measurements of your beer and your wine made at home. Measuring and testing your temperature, pH, and ingredient quality per batch will help you recreate recipes and will help you troubleshoot off-flavors and undesirable characteristics.

Best Selling Measuring and Testing This Week

24 Inch Long Stemmed MASH Thermometer - Thermoworks

Long stem digital thermometer from THERMOWORKS

Excellent tool for mash tuns and carboys

IP66/67 waterproof rating

12 or 24 inch heavy duty SS probe

MIN/MAX memory


ThermoPop Digital Thermometer

Super-Fast readings are within the final degree in only 5 to 6 seconds!

Designed for serious brewers, the ThermoPop features big digits

Molded-in seals and buttons make it splash-proof

Durable construction outlasts similarly priced pocket thermometers

Simple operation reduces user errors


Splash-Proof Thermapen MK4 Thermometer

Home brewers know the importance of having a good digital thermometer

Control the temperature of actively fermenting wort

Major impact on the flavor of the finished beer

Perfect for monitoring the heating and cooling process of fermenting wort

The fast and accurate temperatures give you real-time readings


The Beer Bug


Anvil High Precision Small Scale

From Anvil Brewing Equipment comes this high precision digital scale for all your small measuring needs! Perfect for small-scale measurements like hops, salt additions for water chemistry, and specialty grains! Features a 4 x 4 in. stainless steel weighing surface. Includes large sample tray and protective cover (which doubles as a smaller sample tray). Unit measurements available in both oz and grams, and is accurate to within 0.005 oz or 0.1 gram! Sleek, stylish, and highly functional: be sure to have one of these on hand for all your brewing needs. Batteries included!


Triple Scale Hydrometer

The Triple Scale Hydrometer is the basic tool used by brewers and vintners worldwide for measuring sugar content, gravity and potential alcohol. The three scales used are specific gravity, Brix and potential alcohol. Simply float this in a sample of liquid and read where the liquid line meets the hydrometer. Make guesswork a thing of the past by taking readings with this triple scale hydrometer every time!


Anvil Large Grain Scale

Measure your grain with incredible accuracy with this precision grain scale from Anvil Brewing Equipment! This digital scale can handle weights up to 65 lbs, and can measure to an accuracy of 0.02 lbs! Either lbs or Kg units can be selected. It features a huge 12.5 X 11.75 in. stainless steel weighing surface for putting a bucket or any other container on for weighing grains. The included remote scale can be mounted to any surface and is easy to read! Batteries ARE included, as is a remote power supply. Weigh your grains with confidence using this grain scale.


BrewMometer - 1/2" NPT, Blichmann Engineering

Having a thermometer installed in your brew pot allows you to track wort temperature accurately at all times. The Blichmann BrewMometer is one of the best on the market as it features a 3" dial face that is hermetically sealed, large lettering and a fine pointer so you're not guessing the temperature, and suggested mash temps are already printed on! The NPT version comes with a male 1/2" NPT pipe thread that allows for quick and easy installation on a pot that has a corresponding female NPT port.


Brix Saccharometer (0-8.5)

General Info

  • Triple Scale Thermometer/Hydrometer Combo
  • Read at Bottom of Meniscus
  • Standardized to 20° C

Economy Hydrometer

General Info

  • 15:5" Length
  • Solid Metal Base
  • Ideal Reading at 60°F

Green Line Proof and Tralle Hydrometer

General Info

  • 11" Long
  • Scales: Proof: 0-200 / Tralle: 0-100
  • Ideal Reading: 60°F

Big Daddy Thermometer

The Big Daddy thermometer is a long dial-type thermometer perfect for brewing and winemaking. With a 12" stainless steel probe for easy and safe temperature taking, it reads quickly and is easily calibrated by adjusting the nut at the base of the probe when it is immersed in boiling water or ice water. It also comes with a handy clip that allows you to attach it to the side of your brew pot for easy storage on your brew day. A staple in the brewer's tool chest, the Big Daddy has proven its worth time and time again to brewers all around the world.