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Blue Carboy Cap

This carboy cap is specifically made to fit standard 6.5 gallon glass carboys. It is often used to to prime a 3/8 in.  OD racking cane by putting the racking cane through the center of the cap and blowing into the longer side tube. It can also fit airlocks, or be used as a blowoff assembly by attaching some 1/2 in. ID tubing to the center hole. Handy in most any situation!

NOTE: This product used to be a burgundy color, but has been changed to blue!


38 mm Poly Screw Cap with Seal

These poly screw caps are plastic caps for 1/2  gallon and 1 gallon jugs. They have a flexible plastic inner body that creates a better seal than standard metal screw caps. They are ideal for growler fills or keeping wine in jugs!


Stainless Blow Off Tube, Carboy

Tired of dealing with clogged airlocks, or replacing hard-to-clean tubing on your cobbled together blowoff assemblies? Great Fermentations is proud to bring you stainless steel blow off tubes! These are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is more inert and easier to clean than plastic. This makes it the perfect solution to all of your blow off problems! A 3/8" diameter means that it will perfectly fit universal stoppers or standard drilled stoppers. This stainless blow off tube with also fit the grommet on the larger 7.9 gallon capacity wine fermenting buckets, as well as the standard 6.5 gallons capacity beer fermenting buckets. No refilling your airlocks, easy-to-clean, and reuseable...Get your stainless steel blowoff tubes today!


Brew Hauler

The Brew Hauler is the ultimate tool for moving your carboys! An adjustable strap system that can accommodate almost any size of carboy. It is easy to use and makes carrying carboys much easier! The straps help to evenly distribute the weight of the carboy, making trips up and down stairs much more manageable. If you find yourself carrying carboys a lot, a Brew Hauler is quite the worthwhile investment!


Carboy Brush

Having trouble getting all the gunk and dried krausen off of the necks of your glass carboys? A carboy brush is your solution! This brush is curved in order to reach the walls and neck of a carboy, ensuring you can scrub every inch. A must-have for anyone with a glass carboy!


Carboy Dryer

Why leave liquid standing in your carboy when you can get every drop out? This blue carboy dryer will fit any standard glass carboy. Once done with cleaning, simply invert the carboy on this stand and allow all the liquid to drip out the bottom, leaving your carboys as dry as a desert! It's stable design means that it can be used to store carboys as well.


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