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Auto Siphon 1/2 Inch

General Info

  • Simple 2 Piece Construction
  • Simple to Use/Clean/Sanitize/Store
  • Fits 1/2" Tubing

Blue Carboy Cap

This carboy cap is specifically made to fit standard 6.5 gallon glass carboys. It is often used to to prime a 3/8 in.  OD racking cane by putting the racking cane through the center of the cap and blowing into the longer side tube. It can also fit airlocks, or be used as a blowoff assembly by attaching some 1/2 in. ID tubing to the center hole. Handy in most any situation!

NOTE: This product used to be a burgundy color, but has been changed to blue!


The Whip Degassing Rod

General Info

  • Attaches to a 3/8" Electric Drill
  • Quick and Easy Degassing


In-Line Valve for 1/4" Tubing

General Info

  • Fits 1/4" ID (inner diameter) Tubing
  • Controls Flow from one line to another


24 Inch Curved Stainless Steel Racking Cane

General Info

  • Stainless Steel
  • Attaches to 3/8" Tubing
  • Tip Not Included

Carboy Brush 29

General Info

  • 29"
  • Bent
  • Heavy Duty Synthetic Bristles

30" Curved Racking Cane

General Info

  • 30" Racking cane
  • Clear Rigid Tubing
  • 1/2" Outer Diameter

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