Browse our selection of burners for heating Home Brewing Kettles, Hot Liquor Tanks and Mash Tuns. Burners including Propane Burners that Allow you to Brew Your Beer with More Control and Faster.

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King Kooker Propane Brewing System

An affordable alternative to expensive brewing systems

Sturdy construction and can easily support the brew kettles and keggels

Dual LP connection and 2 thermometers

105,000 BTU Jet Burner and 60,000 BTU Cast Burner

Brew 10 gallon batches with no problem with the powerful burner


The Brutus Homebrew Stand

Brutus Stand with Cast Iron Burners

Will handle up to 30 Gallon Kettles

All welded 2 inch squared stainless steel tube frame construction

Stainless steel wind guards

3 hp cast iron burners (colors may vary)


Propane Burner 220,000 BTU

Burner has a 10 psi regulator, a brass control valve and 50 inches of Stainless Steel Braided Hose.

This burner will top out at a whoping 220,000 BTUs.

This burner is made for homebrewing.

They are 14 inch square across the top for a large stock pot (Designed for 1/2 and 1/4 Barrels) They are 11 inch tall.


BrewBuilt AfterBurner - 3 Burner Complete Stand

Complete 3-burner stainless steel brewing stand kit shipped free to your door for under $1000

(3) Stainless BrewBuilt Burners and regulator

(2) Stainless Connecting Plate Kits

(1) Stainless Handle option

(1) Stainless Caster option


Anvil High Performance Burner

Anvil Brewing Equipment gets everything right with this new burner! Designed specifically for brewing, this high performance burner can operate at 7 in. and 16 in. heights and has an option for 24 in. leg extensions (sold separately). Fast, efficient, quiet and powerful, this burner includes a rust-free precision cast aluminum manifold, ultra-high temperature coating, and patent-pending integral heat shield to keep your components safe! Flame control is easy with the power control knob on the front of the burner. Supporting kettles up to 20 gallons in size, this has all the features that you will need, in a single awesome burner!

NOTE: This burner was designed to work with propane gas only! The burner comes with a regulator, hose, and adapter to connect to a propane tank. Hit the ground running with no stops at the hardware store!

Anvil High Performance Burner Features:

  • Modular legs allow 7, 16, and 24 inch operational heights. Mount to a bench, drain directly into a carboy, or make a 2 tier brew system! 24 inch extensions sold separately.
  • Self-leveling feet provide rock-solid stability
  • 45,000 BTU/Hr output for fast heating. Boils 5 gal in approximately 20 minutes!
  • Large burner surface area distributes heat evenly for efficiency and eliminates hot spots.
  • Precision cast aluminum burner will never rust and provides superior flame control.
  • Patent pending integral heat shield protects your valve and thermometer from heat damage.
  • Deep burner ring is ideal for brewing in windy conditions.
  • Ultra-high temperature coating.
  • Power control knob and adjustment-free operation makes flame control a breeze.
  • Supports kettles up to 20 gal!


Bayou Classic Burner SQ84

General Info

  • 16" x 16" Cooking Surface
  • 13.25" Welded Frame
  • High Pressure Burner

Banjo Burner with Hose Guard

This burner is built to last! The Banjo burner is a solid iron burner with a hot flame for maximum boiling ability! Designed for use with larger pots, the Banjo burner features a manifold that spreads the flame and delivers more power than our High Pressure Bayou classic burner. It includes a 0-30 PSI adjustable regulator to control flame and temperature more precisely for applications such as mashing and heating sparge water. Boils are achieved in a fraction of the time as on gas stoves or inferior burners. Make the switch to a Banjo today and experience the difference!


Bayou Classic Burner SS30

General Info

  • 14" Diameter Cooking Surface
  • 4" High Pressure Burner
  • 12" Tall Stainless Steel Frame

High Pressure Burner with Windscreen

The Bayou Classic burner is an economical way to get off that electric stove and into propane brewing! When doing a full boil, a powerful flame is ideal. The Bayou classic gives you 185,000 BTUs of burning power for your brew day! Compact yet sporting a mounting platform that can accommodate many sizes of brew pots, this burner has been the first burner for many people getting into the hobby. The welded frame is designed for stability, and the windscreen helps ensure consistent burning even on windy days. With a 10 PSI regulator and brass control valve, this is the perfect way to break away from the kitchen and get brewin'!


Bayou Classic High Pressure Banjo Cooker

General Info

  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron
  • 16" Cooking Surface - Large enough for Most Pots
  • Includes 30 PSI regulator and 48 inch hose

Blichmann Floor Standing Burner

General Info:

  • EXTREMELY high efficiency
  • Fume-free, no-rust, and no-nonsense stainless steel frame
  • Fantastic outdoor flame stability

Anvil Burner Stand Leg Extensions - 24 in.

A little extra height goes a long way in brewing! Anvil Brewing equipment offers these 24 in. leg extensions for their burner. These will allow you to stand your brew kettle at a height good for gravity feeding into your fermenter! Also a great way to make your kettle part of a gravity-fed 2 or 3-tiered system, these leg extensions are self-leveling and a great way to get that extra height you need!


Bayou Classic Burner SS10

General Info

  • All Stainless steel frame design
  • Stainless windscreen
  • 48 inch stainless braided hose

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