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Ball Valve Blichmann 3-piece

All 316 stainless steel full port - 1/2 inch NPT

TeflonTM seals resist high temperatures

Disassembles for easy cleaning and sanitizing

Replacement seal kits available

Locking handle prevents accidental spills!


Anvil Stainless Ball Valve Assembly

From Anvil Brewing Equipment comes their brew kettle drain valve. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, this is the ideal ball valve for your brew kettle! It includes an integral bulkhead seal that creates an extremely tight fit to the kettle, ensuring leak-free installation. A 1/2" NPT male thread on the inside of the kettle can be used to install almost any accessory, including an Anvil diptube! Installation is convenient and easy on any kettle with a 7/8" hole. Upgrade your kettle with this drain valve from Anvil Brewing Equipment!


3-Way Ball Valve - Stainless Steel

3 piece ball valve in stainless steel (L type design)

Divert flow from one hose to another with only one valve instead of three

L Type design allows for a center IN port and a simple swing of the ball valve to switch ports


Blichmann 1/2" Linear Flow Valve

Blichmann Engineering originally released this as the valve for their G2 BoilerMaker, but is now offering it individually for those that want to upgrade their existing brew pot. Blichmann basically took all the things that can be annoying with standard ball valves, and came up with the linear flow valve!

For flow control, all you have to do is turn the knob on the linear valve the amount of times to match your desired flow (1/4 open is 1/4 of the max flow). This provides you an easy and repeatable way to control your flow rate. Also the material of the valve grip is silicone so it won't melt!

Cleanup is super simple as well. The valve is made up of two pieces that literally just snap apart (some force required). No tools are needed! Your valve can be cleaned in 5 minutes; sure beats the 45 minutes it takes us to clean our 3-piece ball valves! Lastly the orientation of the valve is already "elbowed", and It can also be pointed in any direction you choose. So, you can direct your flow up, down, to the left, and to the right. It also features a 1/2" male NPT fitting, so your Blichmann QuickConnects will fit right onto it!

NOTE: For existing first generation BoilerMaker owners, you can install the linear flow valve directly onto your existing bulkhead fitting. No o-ring or washer needed!


Blichmann 1/2" 3-Piece Stainless Ball Valve - Full Port

Blichmann Engineering stainless steel ball valve with 1/2" FPT on each end. All stainless steel construction with Teflon seals. The 3-piece construction makes this bad boy a breeze to disassemble and clean. Aside from its function, these things look pretty cool too!