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Pro Home Brewing Kits

Use pro home brewing kits For Pro Home Brewing and Beer Making. Browse our pro home brewing kits and choose from Pro Home Brewing Kits for Professional homebrewers.

Top Home Brewing Equipment
Master Home Brewing Kit More Details
Master Home Brewing Kit
Master Home Brewing Kit Information
  • A master home brewing equipment kit with kegging setup for brewing 5 gallons at home
  • Includes 6.5 gallon plastic fermenter and lid for primary fermentation
  • 2 - 5 gallon glass carboys and 2 rubber stoppers
  • 6.5 gallon plastic fermenter and lid
  • 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot
  • 8 oz. of cleaner and 2 cases of 12 oz. bottles
  • 2 - Airlocks, funnel, Triple scale hydrometer, bottle and carboy brush, bottle capper and bottle caps
  • Bottle filler, AutoSiphon, hose, 2- thermometers, racking tube and shutoff clamp
  • 3 - Fermometers, Refrigerator Thermostat Control and Keg System
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$349.99* $N/A* N/A* N/A lbs* 1 Year* No*

Additional Homebrew Equipment
Super Deluxe Kegging Kit More Details
Super Deluxe Kegging Kit
Super Deluxe Kegging Kit Information
  • The Ulitmate way to start homebrewing!
  • Our Kegging Super Deluxe Beer Kit comes with everything you need to fill, carbonate and dispense fresh, cold beer on tap.
  • Kegs are definitely easier to clean and fill than bottles.
  • Serving is super-fast, super-convenient, & super-cold.
  • Extremely convenient for serving groups & gatherings.
  • Saves dispensing time for serving groups & parties.
  • No Waste. Pour any volume you want, small or large.
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$479.00* $N/A* N/A* 80 lbs* N/A* Yes*

Super Deluxe Bottling Kit More Details
Super Deluxe Bottling Kit
Super Deluxe Bottling Kit Information
  • Everything you'll need to make great beer
  • 8 gallon stainless steel kettle with a built-in spigot
  • High-grade copper wort chiller
  • Notched kettle lid for wort chiller access
  • Includes 2 Cases of (12) 22oz Bottles
  • Note: This kit does not include a bucket lid
  • Click here for a list of brewing equipment included
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$335.00* $N/A* N/A* 78 lbs* N/A* Yes*

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