The IBU calculator tells you how bitter your beer will be given up to twenty hops additions. It works for all grain, partial mash and extract style home brewing recipes. Calculate your International bittering units (IBUs) to tell how bitter your beer is (higher value means more bitterness).

International Bitterness Unit (IBU) Calculator

Hop 1 Weight:* Hop 1 AA%:* Hop 1 Time (min):* Form: Pellet Whole/Plug
Hop 2 Weight: Hop 2 AA%: Hop 2 Time (min): Form: Pellet Whole/Plug
Hop 3 Weight: Hop 3 AA%: Hop 3 Time (min): Form: Pellet Whole/Plug
Final Volume:*
Original Gravity:* e.g., 1.045
Target IBUs: (only required for Garetz)
Elevation: feet or meters (only required for Garetz)
Pre-Boil Volume: (only required for Garetz)
Units * indicates required field