Wine Additives

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Isinglass, 45 ml

Isinglass is made from fish swim bladders, and used to clear white wines. This package is sufficient for 6 gallons of wine. To use, add isinglass to your wine, stir thoroughly, then rack after two weeks.


Diammonium Phosphate, 4 oz

Diammonium Phosphate is a yeast nutrient that acts as a good source of nitrogen and also aids in the reduction of sulfur. It works best if used early in fermentation. This nutrient is highly recommended to supplement the use of Champagne yeast in order to minimize potential geranium type odors and flavors. Recommended dose is 1 tsp. per gallon mixed and added during pretreatment of must or at the time of yeast pitch.


Glycerine, 4 oz

Glycerine is used as a finishing agent for fermented wine, by adding body and smoothness. It will help replace any body that has been diminished due to back sweetening. Recommended dose is 1-2 oz. per gallon of wine and 1-2 oz. per quart of liqueur.


Barolkleen, 1 lb

Barkoleen is used for treatment of new barrels to remove excess tannin. Use 1 lb. for 5 gallons of water and soak in the barrel for 3 days. Next, drain and flush 3 times with hot water and rinse with a solution of 2 oz. sodium sulphite, 1oz. citric acid, and 2 gallons of water. Finally, rinse the barrel with clean water.


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