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Avangard German Wheat Malt

German wheat malt from Avangard is a high quality, authentic German wheat malt with a wide range of applications. It can be used as the base in any wheat beer, from traditional German Hefeweizens to American and Belgian wheat beers. In addition, it can be used in small amounts in other styles to increase body and head retention. This wheat malt makes a fine addition in any recipe calling for wheat malt. Avangard is Germany's largest maltster, and their fine products are known for their superior quality. Try their wheat malt today and see for yourself!


Muntons Amber Malt

Muntons amber malt is a very unique malt that contributes a warm, toasty character to beers that has been described as toasty, biscuit and slightly nutty, with undertones of coffee hovering on the tongue than can come off as somewhat dry. It is an excellent malt to use in amber and darker beers to add an extra layer of complexity to the beer's overall flavor profile. It can add an amber or orange color as well, and as such it is often used well in British beers. The combination of color and flavor contributions of Amber malt blend well in British styles, but this may be used as a specialty grain in other styles as well.  Let your imagination run wild with this one!


Gambrinus Honey Malt

Gambrinus Honey malt is a unique specialty malt. It is placed in the same category as German brumalt and melanoidin malt. It contributes an intense malt character and sweetness without bitterness or astringency, and flavors reminiscent of honey. These characteristics make it suitable for use in almost any beer style where more maltiness and honey sweetness is desired. Gambrinus is a small malting house, but they have made a big impression in the brewing industry with their superior malt products. Try some honey malt in your next recipe!


Briess Crystal 20L Malt

Briess crystal 20L is a roasted specialty malt that imparts a light golden color that is slightly darker than that contributed by crystal 10L. It also adds a sweetness and mild caramel flavor to beer, but contributes a more pronounced golden to light orange color to beers. Like the other crystal malts, this one will add body and head retention to beers.


Swaen Kiln Coffee Malt

Swaen Kiln Coffee Malt is a very unique malt indeed! It has a very distinct coffee flavor and aroma that is unmistakable. It goes well in browns, scottish ales, porters and stouts among other styles. It is similar to pale chocolate malt but with more coffee and burnt toast characteristics. It contributes a ruby to dark brown color to beers, depending on how much is used. A very interesting malt, try substituting this for pale chocolate or chocolate malt in recipes.


Dingemans Special B Malt

Dingeman's Special B Malt is a dark crystal malt that is used in the production of Belgian style beers, such as Belgian dubbels and trappist high gravity ales. It is known for its rich and luscious flavor contributions, which are reminiscent of dark stone fruits. Cherries, raisins, plum and currant are terms often used when describing the flavors contributed by Special B. Because it is darker than many other crystal malts, it can begin to contribute roasted notes and dark brown to black colors without the usual bitterness that is attributed to dark roasted malts like chocolate or black patent. Use this not only in Belgian style ales, but any beer where are dark, fruity sweetness is desired.


Dingemans Aromatic Malt

Aromatic malt from Dingemans is a Belgian biscuit-type malt often used to add maltiness and toasted biscuit flavor and aroma to beer. It can also add a deep color to beers when used as a specialty malt. Aromatic malt is kilned but retains enough diastatic power to self-convert. While it can be used as up to 100% of the malt in a grain bill, it is low in excess diastatic power and is best (and most often) used as a specialty malt. Use Aromatic malt whenever a biscuit or victory malt would be used, in order to add maltiness to beer, as well as bready and toasted flavors and aromas.


Patagonia Caramel 190L Malt

Patagonia Caramel 190L malt is a deeply kilned malt that hails from Chile. Being grown and malted in the unique geography between the Andes Mountains, Patagonia malts are unlike any from other maltsters. Caramel 190L malt is the darkest crystal malt from Patagonia, contributing rich caramel, burnt sugar and toast, and plum characteristics to beer, as well as deep color. It can be used for up to 15% of a grain bill to add residual sugars, unique flavors, body, head retention and foam stability in the finished product. Try some of this malt today!


Avangard Crystal 10L Malt

Avangard's crystal 10 malt is the German equivalent of a light crystal malt, similar to Briess's crystal 10. Used in a range of styles to add residual sweetness, body, head retention and a very light color without a wildly different flavor profile (though some slight sweet and light caramel notes can be derived from it). Avangard malts are known for their high quality and great extraction. Try some in your next brew that calls for a light crystal malt!


Briess Crystal 40L Malt

Briess crystal 40L is a roasted caramel malt that imparts a gold to orange color to beer. It has a flavor that begins to approach complex, with notes of toffee emerging with the sweetness and caramel flavors that are typical in lighter malts. Briess crystal 40L also adds body and head retention, as well as residual sweetness.


Dingemans Cara 20 (Caravienne) Malt

Dingeman's is one of Belgium's leading maltsters, known for their high-quality Belgian specialty malts, as well as excellent Belgian base malts. Caravienne is not synonymous with Vienna malt; it is a light crystal malt with slight toffee flavor characteristics. It is often used by Belgian breweries in the production of ales and trappist-style beers. However, it can be used in any recipe that calls for crystal malt. Use Dingeman's Caravienne to contribute sweet and toffee flavors to beer, as well as aid in body and head retentions.


Weyermann® Chocolate Rye Malt

Chocolate rye malt from Weyermann is a rye product that has been deeply roasted. The resulting malt can be used in small amounts to add the roasted, spicy flavor of rye to specialty beers. It contributes a deep color, much like roasted barley or chocolate wheat, but with different flavor and aromatic characteristics. This malt is usually used in roggenbier or dunkelweizens, among other styles. However, creative homebrewers have been known to add a small portion in a number of different beer styles to give them a unique roasted flavor. Use as up to 5% of the grist.


Weyermann® Chocolate Wheat

Weyermann chocolate wheat malt is a rich, roasty wheat malt, primarily used to add dark color and a slight roastiness to beers. It is noted by Weyermann that chocolate wheat is often used to intensify roasty aromas in top-fermented beers, as well as to improve color. While the obvious choice for this grain would be a dark wheat beer such as a dunkelweizen, it can also be used to great effect in porters and stouts to add color and aroma. In addition, it has also been known to be used in altbier, or in any beer where dark grains such as chocolate or roasted barley would be used. Only a small proportion of 1 to 5% of the total grist is needed to make a strong flavor, aroma and color contribution to the finished beer.


Briess Rye Malt

Rye is a traditional cereal grain that finds its way into many homebrewer's recipes. It has become a popular ingredient in IPAs, with homebrewer's using it to make fine Rye IPAs. It is also the main ingredient in the traditional Roggenbier, a beer made with rye as the base. Rye is known to have a spicy flavor that goes well in small amounts in many types of beer. It is fully modified and has a small kernel that can get quite sticky when used in large amounts. Rice hulls are recommended when using a large amount of rye in an all-grain recipe.


Patagonia Especial 140L Malt

Patagonia's Especial 140L malt is a dark crystal malt derived from certified European barley grown in the southern regions of Chile. Roasted in only 1,000 pound batches, Especial is made from Sebastian barley of French origin, and is very similar to the variety used by Belgian maltsters. Expect a deep, rich sweetness along with tons of dark fruit character.


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