Soda Making Kits

Make your own soda, cola, root beer, seltzer and sparkling water at home. There are a wide variety of flavors for soda making and carbonated beverages available including root beer, lemon, lime, and orange drinks.

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Mr Root Beer Kit

1 Bottle Root Beer Extract

2 Packets Flavor Crystals

1 Packet Root Beer Yeast

1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser

4 Plastic 1-liter Bottles (PET)


Caveman Cola Soda Kit

Brew your own tasty cola at home

All natural ingredients

Includes Cola extract, Yeast, Funnel, Labels and Instructions

Made in the USA


Root Beer Soda Ingredient Kit

Makes approximately 2 gallons of naturally carbonated root beer

Uses real brewing yeast

Includes 2 oz root beer extract, brewing yeast, Funnel, Project guide and labels

Comes in a convenient storage container


Ginger Ale Soda Kit

Brew real ginger ale

This kit makes a classic spicy ale using the science of fermentation

Made in the USA

Includes Ginger Ale extract, Yeast, Funnel, Labels and Instructions


Soda Making Equipment Kit

6.5 gallon bottling bucket

24 in. stirring spoon

4 feet of tubing

Bottle filler

8 oz. Easy Clean


Soda Stream Starter Kit

Includes one carbonator and two BPA-free plastic bottles

Included carbonator makes 60L of soda

Requires no electricity or batteries

Soda Stream Jet Starter Kit

Bottles last for three years with hermetically sealed caps


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