Siphoning Equipment

The following is a selection of siphoning equipment for Siphoning Your Wort From One Brewing Vessel to the Next.

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Red Racking Cane Clip

This red racking cane clip will accommodate a standard racking cane. It is used to keep your racking cane in place and stable while you do your racking and transferring. Very useful when using a racking cane to do your transferring!


Replacement Tip for Large Auto Siphon

Replacement tip for the large auto siphon (product # 4879).


In-line 3/8" Tubing Valve

This is a plastic valve fitted for 3/8" ID tubing. Simply place the tubing on either end of the valve. To control flow, open or shut the valve. This can come in handy when an adjusted flow rate is needed, or when flow needs to be easily started and stopped.


Kwik Clamp (1/2")

Kwik Clamps are here! These innovative clamps employ a sawtooth locking design to create a tight seal that is easy to work with. Simply place the 1/2" Kwik Clamp over your tubing and squeeze to lock into place. No extra crimping tools or nut drivers needed to operate! Disconnecting is easy as well, just slide the two sides apart sideways and the clamp loosens. These work on 3/4" outer diameter (OD) tubing, which is the outer diameter on our standard 1/2" high temperature tubing. Always good to have on hand, Kwik Clamps are a new and easy way to clamp tubing in your brewing setup.


Racking Cane Spring Clip

Free up those hands! This is a handy spring clip that can be used to hold tubing in place when you are racking and transferring. Very useful when working with buckets, this can help free your hands by keeping tubing in place. Give one a try!


Stainless Steel Racking Cane (3/8" x 30")

This 30" racking cane functions the same as the plastic racking cane, but has the advantages that come with stainless steel. Stainless steel is more resistant to heat than plastic, so this racking cane can be used with hot liquids (provided a high-temperature silicon tubing is used with it). Stainless steel is also more resistant to scratching and bacterial infection than plastic. This racking cane will work with both 5/16" and 3/8" siphon tubing., although he 5/16" tubing will fit tighter and be more difficult to remove. Make the switch to stainless steel today!


Racking Cane Holder

This cone-shaped holder fits in the neck of a standard glass carboy. It is used to hold your racking cane in place while you transfer. Free up your hands for other tasks simply by using this handy racking cane holder!


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