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Experimental 06300 Hop Pellets

A relatively new experimental hop that has all sorts of flavor and aroma characteristics that you wouldn't expect to see together. Cocoa, tropical, stone fruit, passion fruit, carmel, anise, and did we mention Jolly Rancher!
Alpha Acid Range: 14 - 15%


Magnum Hop Pellets (US)

The US version of this hop has even higher alpha acid levels, that provide a clean, neutral bitterness. Great bittering backbone in almost any recipe.


Australian Topaz Hop Pellets

Topaz is among one of the many new hop varieties coming out of Australia. It is a relatively high alpha acid content for a dual purpose hop! Its characteristics have been described as grassy and resinous, with some light tropical notes. Depending on the beer and how it is used, different flavors can be coaxed out of this hop. Dry hopping with this hop tends to produce resin-heavy flavor and aroma characteristics. Some light fruit and tropical flavors and aromas also appear in high gravity beers. An interesting hop from down under with a lot of potential!


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