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Zythos Hop Pellets

This novel proprietary pellet blend is comprised of many of the Northwest's most unique hop varieties and is perfect for any American-style Pale and IPA. It has pineapple and citrus tones, along with some slight piney characteristics. It makes for an excellent addition to any hop forward beer.


Spalt Hop Pellets

German noble hop that is most commonly used for aroma, but has average bittering value. Spicy with notes of cinnamon, floral and fruit.


Cascade Hop Pellets

Provides a distinct citrusy grapefruit flavor and aroma which can be used as both a bittering and an aroma hop. Good for dry hopping as well. The quintessential American hop. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a showcase for this hop. Centennial and Columbus have a similar aroma/flavor, but are considerably more bitter.


Perle Hop Pellets

Bred to be a Hallertau Mittelfruh sub but didn't quite hit the mark. In our opinion a little "harsh" for aroma but great as a bittering hop. Leathery, woody, earthy, some say spicy but we don't get that.


Tradition Hop Pellets (German)

Good aroma hop for German lagers.


Motueka Hop Pellets (New Zealand)

From New Zealand, Motueka is packed with lemon, lime, and tropical fruit aromas. An excellent variety for single hop bills with multiple applications.


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