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Challenger Hop Pellets

A mildly resiny/spicy English hop similar to East Kent Goldings that can be used early and late in the kettle. A very clean bittering hop.


Saaz Leaf Hops (Czech)

Low in alpha but big on aroma. This spicy gem is the signature hop of Pilsner Urquell.


Tettnang Hop Pellets (German)

Originally marketed as a Saaz substitute, Tettnanger is one of the Noble hops (in both schools of thought). It is herbal, slightly woody, slightly spicy. Tettnanger is appropriate in German, Bohemian, and American Lagers.


Australian Summer Hop Pellets

From Australia comes one of the most interesting new hops out on the market! Australian Summer is a wonderful hop full of melon and candy character. It has a very bright profile that is fruity and works in a number of different ales. Australian Summer is perfect as a flavor or aroma hop, and can be well-utilized as a dry hop too! As a flavor or aroma hop, Australian summer is well balanced, with fruit, melon, apricot and candy notes. Dry hopping is said to infuse stone fruit and melon character into beer. Perfect for pale ales and IPAs, let your imagination set the limit for how you use this extraordinary hop!


Cluster Hop Pellets

Cluster is floral and spicy. Used primarily for bittering but can also be used as an aroma hop. Used as the bittering hop in many Classic American Pilsners.


Summit Hop Pellets

Very distinct, very pungent. Aromas of citrus, onion, garlic, diesel fuel. Best used in small amounts with other hops.


Brewer's Gold Hop Pellets

Brewers Gold is a complex bittering hop that is noted to have a sharp or pungent bittering quality. It also imparts a fruity yet spicy aroma as well as having a black currant characteristic. Brewers Gold can be used in a wide range of styles, but can be overpowering in larger amounts.


Galaxy Hop Pellets

High alpha with intense citrus aroma and flavor with a bit of passion fruit. The signature hop in Flat 12's Walkabout Pale Ale.


Pacific Jade Hop Pellets (New Zealand)

Delivers soft bitterness with desirable aroma; well suited for "up-front" additions in dryer lager styles.


Falconer's Flight Hop Pellets

Falconer's Flight is blend consisting of a variety of the Pacific Northwest's most intriguing aroma hop varieties and some additional experimental hops. Tropical, floral, lemon, and grapefruit characteristics. An excellent complement to many IPA and Pale Ale oriented hop varieties.


Citra Hop Pellets

Strong citrus flavor and aroma with tropical fruit like, grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee. In very high demand. Three Floyd's Zombie Dust is predominantly Citra.


Crystal Hop Pellets

This spicy hop is used primarily for aroma. Think cinnamon, black pepper or nutmeg.


Styrian Goldings (Celeia) Hop Pellets

Widely used as an aroma hop in both ales and lagers. Delicate and slightly spicy. Use this hop if your recipe calls for Styrian Celeia because they are virtually the same.


Warrior Hop Pellets

High alpha. Low cohumulone. Clean bittering with a hint of spice and citrus.


Zythos Hop Pellets

This novel proprietary pellet blend is comprised of many of the Northwest's most unique hop varieties and is perfect for any American-style Pale and IPA. It has pineapple and citrus tones, along with some slight piney characteristics. It makes for an excellent addition to any hop forward beer.


Willamette Hop Pellets

Slightly woody and earthy. Very pleasant, unobtrusive aroma.


Motueka Hop Pellets (New Zealand)

From New Zealand, Motueka is packed with lemon, lime, and tropical fruit aromas. An excellent variety for single hop bills with multiple applications.


Saaz Hop Pellets (Czech)

Low in alpha but big on aroma. This spicy gem is the signature hop of Pilsner Urquell.


Cascade Hop Pellets

Provides a distinct citrusy grapefruit flavor and aroma which can be used as both a bittering and an aroma hop. Good for dry hopping as well. The quintessential American hop. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a showcase for this hop. Centennial and Columbus have a similar aroma/flavor, but are considerably more bitter.


Glacier Hop Pellets

Used for both bittering and aroma. Earthy and spicy, this hop is a great substitute for Willamette or Fuggles.


Simcoe Hop Pellets

A high alpha dual purpose hop. Very intense bittering and aroma profile.


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