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Mt. Hood Hop Pellets

The floral and earthy aroma is perfect finishing hop in light ales and lagers.


Mosaic Hop Pellets

Great dual purpose hop with tropical fruit, citrus, berry, and herbal characteristics. Awesome hop for single pale ale/IPA recipes!


Australian Topaz Hop Pellets

Topaz is among one of the many new hop varieties coming out of Australia. It is a relatively high alpha acid content for a dual purpose hop! Its characteristics have been described as grassy and resinous, with some light tropical notes. Depending on the beer and how it is used, different flavors can be coaxed out of this hop. Dry hopping with this hop tends to produce resin-heavy flavor and aroma characteristics. Some light fruit and tropical flavors and aromas also appear in high gravity beers. An interesting hop from down under with a lot of potential!


Australian Super Pride Hop Pellets

Super Pride is an Australian-grown hop that has some Pride of Ringwood parentage. It is basically a high alpha version of its lower-alpha counterpart. Pride of Ringwood is known for its earthy and woody characteristics, being mild and pleasant with some fruitiness and overall resin character. Super Pride has many of these same characteristics, but with higher alpha acids to provide more bitterness. It is typically used as a bittering hop with additions added to the kettle, as opposed to after primary in the fermentation vessel. However, use this variety however you see fit. Another great hop from Australia!


Galena Hop Pellets

Excellent high alpha hop with balanced bittering properties. Starting to find favor as a dual purpose hop as well with its aroma characteristics.


East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (UK)

A well rounded hop with a little spice but more woody and earthy tones. Can be used for bittering but more often used as an aroma hop, especially in British beers. Sam Smith's Pale Ale and Fullers ESB use EKG.


Liberty Hop Pellets

This slightly spicy, floral and earthy hop is used primarily for aroma in some light ales and German lagers.


Vanguard Hop Pellets

Vanguard Hops is an aroma variety and carries similar characteristics as Hallertau. The low alpha acids with higher beta acids, and staggering low co-humulone content make for very smooth and subtle bitter qualities. Vanguard is ripe for German-Style beers, but its application does not stop there. It is going to add to the aroma complexity for any number of ales, including Stouts and Imperial Stouts.


Ahtanum Hop Pellets

Floral, earthy, citrus, and grapefruit notes similar to Cascade or Amarillo, make this a good dual purpose hop. Named in honor of the area where Charles Carpenter established the first hop farm in 1869.


Horizon Hop Pellets

High alpha and low co-humulone makes Horizon a good bittering hop with out the harshness. Aroma is both floral and spicy.


Amarillo Hop Pellets

An American hop variety, that has been described as a "super cascade". Flavor profile is tropical and very citrusy, especially leaning toward a distinct orange flavor and aroma. This is the signature hop featured in Three Floyd's Gumball Head.


Hallertau Hop Pellets (German)

A classic noble variety hop that is floral and earthy, reminiscent of a woods after the rain.


Fuggle Hop Pellets (UK)

A great choice for aroma (especially dry hopping) and flavor additions in British beers.


Columbus Hop Pellets

A high alpha hop with low cohumulone levels making its bitterness less harsh than hops higher in cohumulone. Profile is very citrusy with some woodiness. Lovely as a dry hop.


Northern Brewer Hop Pellets

A true dual purpose hop. Woody, earthy and sometimes Rosemary-like.


Nugget Hop Pellets

Herbal and somewhat citrusy. Originally used for bittering but has been used successfully as a flavor and aroma addition as well.


Centennial Hop Pellets

Citrus bomb pretty much sums it up. It is a high alpha version of Cascade, but slightly more pungent. Can be used for bittering anywhere you would use Cascade, but as an aroma/flavor hop, it can be quite intense due to the high essential oil content (can be as much as twice the typical oil content of Cascade), so compensate accordingly. Centennial is the star of Bell's Two Hearted Ale.


Chinook Hop Pellets

Previously used only for bittering but recently has been used in combination with other hops for flavoring and aroma. Flavor and aroma are a little "rough". Allegedly used in Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.


El Dorado Hop Pellets

From the Moxee Valley of Washington State, comes a hop named after the legendary city of gold; El Dorado. It was released in 2010, but went through a period where it wasn't available to the homebrew community, but now it is! Elicits responses of fruity notes, specifically tropical fruit flavors. Other fruit notes offered have been pear, watermelon candy and stone fruit.


Sonnet Hop Pellets

Sonnet is a new hop variety bred from a Saaz variant that exhibited Goldings-like characteristics. It's used for aroma due to its low alpha acid content, and offers lots of floral notes.


Palisade Hop Pellets

A good choice for aroma in English and American ales.


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