Top 28 Homebrew Gifts That Will Turn You Into a Brew Master

IF you can't afford to buy  a brewery that is.

IF you can't afford to buy a brewery that is.

1. The BrewEasy Homebrew System
Brew Easy
Flip a switch and watch your beer brew from start to finish with this for $2,025.

2. The Prodigy Homebrew Kegerator
The Prodigy Homebrew Kegerator
A brewer's kegerator dream come true. Get a triple tap kegerator and finally become the adult you always knew you could be.

3. Silicone Kettle Grips
Silicone Kettle Grips
Move kettles like a pro, without the burns.$6.99 from MoreBeer!

4. Craft Beer Wall Boards
Craft Beer Wall Boards
Show off your homebrew menu like a craft beer bar, with Craft Beer Wall Boards from Tap Boards.

5. A Whiskey Soaked American Oak Barrel
5 Gallon Used Whiskey Barrel
Brew big flavor batches of barrel-aged homebrew with this for $139.
*Get on the waiting list!

6. 1/2 Barrel Fermentation Tank
The Chronicle Fermenter
A full featured 1/2 barrel conical fermenter for under $600 from Ss BrewTech.

7. Thermometer for Your Smartphone
Range IOS Thermometer
Measure mash or fermentation temperatures with your iPhone or iPad with this SuperMechanical.

8. A Wall Mounted Fermenter
Fast Ferment
Space Saver, Wall Hanger and Yeast collection ball for $99 from FAST FERMENT.

9. A Cleanable Counterflow Chiller
Jaded CFC
Cool your wort 300% faster than the top of the line, convoluted counterflow chillers with the The JaDeD CFC for $129.

10. Magnetic ThermoStar Digital Temperature Controller
Low profile temperature controller for kegerators and fermenters from Midwest Supplies for $89.

11. A Lock For Beer Bottles
Bottle Lock
3D-printed bottle lock for homebrew bottles designed by JON-A-TRON

12. Grain Dust Mask
Dust Mask
Protect your lungs from grain dust when milling for $22 from 3M.

13. 1 Gallon Box Brew Brewery
Box Brew Kit
Small batch brewing with style and all the gear you need for $160 from Box Brew Kits.

14. Das Egg Fermenter
Ferment your beer in a giant egg. Why not, right?

15. Clear Your Beer
Clarification Agent
Rapid clarification of homebrew in 24-48 hours with the WilliamsWarn Clarification Agent for $18.50.

16. Homebrew Tasting Glass Set
Homebrew Glass Set
Enhance aroma and flavor in your homebrew for $39 from Spiegelau.

17. Stainless Steel Homebrew Transport
Stainless Steel Growler
No glass allowed? Not a problem with The Grizzy Growler from True Fabrications.

18. Ultimate Beer Making Machine
Ultimate Conical
Set a constant temperature for beer fermentation in hot or cold weather with the 14 Gallon Ultimate Conical from MoreBeer!

19. A Box for Homebrew
Beer Box
Fit 5 gallons of homebrew in a fridge or cooler with the Beer Box for $180.

20. A Giant Grain Mill
Captain Crush
Dump grain in, run it through and get straight to brewing. (no longer available)

21. A Big Mouth Plastic Carboy
Big Mouth Bubbler
Non-breaking and easy cleaning big mouth carboy for only $25.00

22. The G2 Boilermaker Homebrew Kettle
G2 Boilermaker
Heavy gauge, 304 single piece, deep drawn, weld-free American made Homebrew Kettles from Blichmann.

23. A Book For Starting a Brewery
Starting Your Own Brewery Book
What your friends and family always ask... When are you opening up a brewery? Get started with this for $60.

24. Growler Cleaning Tablets
Growler Cleaning Tablets
Never get caught with a dirty growler again. Get 25 tablets for $12 from Craft Meister.

25. Ultimate Homebrew Oxygenator Kit
Oxygen Kit
Know how much oxygen you're injecting with per Minute Controllable Flow for $169 from Beverage Elements.

26. Super Deluxe Kegging Kit
Kegging Kit
This is the kegging kit every homebrewer wishes they owned. Get it here for $479.

27. Homebrew Tasting Flight Board
Homebrew Flight Board
Serve a homebrew flight of beers just like the big brewers do with the Craft Brews Beer Flight Board from Great Fermentations.

28. 5 Gallon Steel Cask for Homebrew
Serve your own cask-style real ale with an authentic pin cask for $189 from Geemacher.