21 Homebrew Gadgets To Make Better Beer

How did you even FUNCTION without a steampunk burner all these y

How did you even FUNCTION without a steampunk burner all these years?

1. The Hop Spider
Hop Spider
Dangle a sack of hops in your boil kettle for full flavor with this for $35.95.

2. Wide Mouth Carboy
Wide Mouth Carboy
Innovation so big you can fit your arm through it for $24. Get it Here.

3. Silicone Bottle Conditioning Infusers
Flavor Bomb Bottle Infuser
Is your homebrew not the bomb? Easily fixed with the Flavor Bomb available HERE.

4. A Steampunk Inspired Propane Burner
Edelmetall Brü Burner
The sexy, super-charged, copper-clad masterpiece is designed to expand to fit any size kettle. Get it for $278.09 from Amazon.

5. A Digital PH Meter
Digital PH Meter
For quick water and mash ph readings and adjustments. Waterproof and even floats. Here for around $100.

6. Sanitize and Storage Bottle Caps
Beer Saver Bottle Storage Caps
A true time saver! Sanitize and cap your bottles BEFORE bottling day. 54 caps perfect for a 5 gallon batch. here.

7. Long-Stem Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Long Stem waterproof digital thermometer
Take deep readings from your mash tun. $29 from THERMOWORKS.

8. Magic Hop Dust
Magic Hop Dust
Not really a gadget, but it's MAGIC HOP DUST! Get 1 oz. here for $0.99.

9. Outdoor Brewing Cart
Brew Cart
Take your brewing outside for $137.41 from Amazon.

10. A Stainless Steel Bucket Fermenter
Brew Bucket
Stackable. Unbreakable. Adorable? $195 from Ss Brewing Technologies

11. A Beer Robot That Measures Alcohol
Beer Bug Wifi Hydrometer
The device beams beer fermentation data to the cloud via Wifi. Get one HERE.

12. Homebrew Whiskey Barrel
Wood Barrel
Put a little baby blue corn whiskey in your beer. Get it here for around $129.

13. Stackable Beer Bottle Dry Rack
Bottle Dry Racks
No more bottle trees. Drain, dry and store. $31.99 from Great Fermentations.

14. The Tower of Power
Blichmann Tower of Power
You're kind of a bad-ass if you have this. $649.99 from Blichmann Engineering.

15. The Vortex Stir Plate 2.0
Stir Plate
Blow the top off your fermenters with healthy yeast using this. $139.45 from Amazon.

16. The Monster Mill
Monster Mill
Precision mill with gap control knob for repeatable settings. Yea, it's available HERE.

17. Brewing Elements Book Series
Brewing Elements Book Series
Almost required in any brewer's library is this series from Brewers Publications.

18. Temperature Controlled Conical Fermenter
Temperature Controlled Conical Fermenter
Ultimate fermentation temp control with this smart fermenter for $2,499.

19. Exact Refrigeration Control
Digital Temperature Controller
Control the temp. Control the flavor. Plug and Play this temperature controller into any refrigerator for around $89.00 from Johnson Controls.

20. A Floating Pick Up Tube
Floating Pickup Tube
Cleaner transfers and dispensing, $45 from Williams Brewing (no longer available).

21. Keg and Carboy Washer
Keg and Carboy Washer
Sanitation is key to good beer. Automate it for $99.99 from Mark's Keg Washer.