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Cannular Homebrew Canning Machine Seamer

An affordable and compact canning machine for homebrewers and small production breweries The Cannular is a manual can seamer that is easy to use, reliable, and beautifully simple Runs off of 24v DC power


Homebrew Canning Machine SL1 - Oktober Can Seamers

Oktober Can Seamers SL1 Homebrewer Can Seamer Seams aluminum beverage cans with size 202 ends (tops) with the B64 style profile SL1 Homebrew canner comes standard with adapters for 16oz and 12oz cans Can optionally be set up for CDL and SuperEnd (360 end) profile ends (excluding size 200 ends) Optional can sizes like 500ml, 8oz "stubby", etc. Option for 230V 50Hz power requirements (export model)


All American Personal Beer Can Seamer Homebrew Canner for 12 & 16 oz Cans with FLYWHEEL

Affordable canning machine for homebrewers! Use manual flywheel to seal cans individually Seal 12 oz or 16 oz beer cans right at home Fill them with homebrew or your favorite beverage, then set it onto the stage and give it a few cranks to perfectly seal You can also remove the hand Crank and hook up to a drill or motor for a more automated setup


Robobrew V3 All Grain Brewing System with Pump - 35L/9.25G

Stainless steel construction 9 gallon total capacity with a finished beer output of 5-6 gallons Digital temperature controller 110v power and plug Dual heating elements for total control (1000 watts and 500 watts) Stainless steel 1/2 inch ball valve for draining (dont have to use the pump) Immersion wort chiller included Stainless steel malt pipe/basket Stamped in volume markers Glass lid Magnetic drive pump for recirculation Recirculation arm Temperature reads in F or C (press and hold temp button for several seconds to adjust) 32.75 in H (with recirculation arm) x 12.5 in D Recommended max. grain bill - 18 lbs Recommended min. grain bill - 8 lbs


Anvil Brewing Pump

A low cost brewing pump! Great for smaller batch home brewers Perfect for recirculating and transferring wort Quiet Operation In-line Switch 6 ft. Cord Sized for 1/2 in. Hoses. Max Flow - 3 GPM Max Lift - 7 ft Voltage - 120V 60Hz Current - 0.75A


Brew Floors Kit for up to 300 Sq. ft.

Brewery floor finish for your home brewery Resists most common chemicals and fluid spills Smooth finish Easy to clean surface Durable Environmentally and eco-friendly coating Easy application / floor maintenance No special skills required for installation Available in over 14 colors


RipTide Homebrew Transfer Pump

Strong rare earth magnets and a curved blade impeller provide 7 GPM and up to 21 ft of lift Tri-Clamp head disassembles easily for cleaning 1/2 NPT inlet and outlet Motor is enclosed in a splash proof and super quiet case Rotatable stainless steel head Integrated air release vent allows you to easily prime the pump everytime without those frustrating air bubbles and cavitation Linear flow valve provided for excellent flow control Power switch on base 9 ft. long power cord with 120V plug


Haze Craze - NEIPA All Grain (5 GALLONS)

Makes 5 gallons Estimated Original Gravity:1.062-66 SRM (Color Range): 4.5 IBU's: 28.4 Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 6.4%


BIAB Bag Kettle Clips

4 pack of binder clips Hold your bag on the kettle so it doesn't slip off


250 lb Ratchet Pulley for BIAB

A pulley to hoist up your BIAB from a mounted hook or ladder Hold 250 lbs Ratchet style pulley for easy lifting Rope is braided polypropylene 3/8'' in diameter and 8'' in length


ThermoWorks TimeStack

Four (4) programmable timers for your brewday Adjustable volume for noisy breweries (up to 100dB) Splash-proof housing Record your own voice alarms Backlight for low light conditions 6.6-inch height with large digits to see from distance 3 selectable tone frequencies for optimal hearing Numeric keypad for quick alarm setting 9 colors


FastFerment Stainless Steel Hop Filter

17 in. (43.2 cm) long Stainless steel Works with both 7.9 G & 14 G FastFerments 300 microns Mesh bottom


14 Gallon Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter

14 Gallon / 53L Capacity Conical Fast Fermenter Six inch removable threaded top for easy cleaning Solid steel stand with assembly screws 1.5 in bottom valve Thermowell for optional temperature monitoring Half inch PVC tubing and hose clamp Collection Ball Airlock


3 Gallon Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter

Perform primary and secondary fermentation in the same vessel. A small FastFerment Fermenter, perfect for 1 or 2 gallon batches of wine or beer. Allows you to rack directly into your bottles or keg, from the fermenter. Wide lid allows for easy cleanup. Collection jar provides easy and sanitary yeast harvesting


50 Lbs. Five Star PBW

A safe alkaline cleaner for everything in your brewing setup! PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash) is a favorite of small home breweries Out-performs caustic chemicals without scrubbing Just put your kettle, bottles, carboy, etc. in for a good long soak. It will not corrode soft metals