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Homebrew Tap Handle - Laser Etched and Carved

A universal homebrew tap handle Fits all standard kegerator faucet threads One word says it all "HOMEBREW" Dispense homemade beer, wine, cider, cold-brew coffee, kombucha and soda The HOMEBREW tap handle is built to last Precision cut and laser engraved for a professional finish


VESSI Fermentor and Kegerator

Ideal for fermenting 5-6 gallon batches Beer is ready to drink in as little as 7 days Ferments in a sealed, pressurized, and temperature-controlled environment No more transferring, no siphoning, lifting, or jackets Reduce key risks that make good beer go bad Precise temperature and pressure control Construction that's designed to minimize exposure to light and oxygen


Brew Magic V350MS Homebrew System

Pro-level pilot system for recipe development Brewing Capacity: 5-14 gallons per batch Heavy-duty stainless, 15.5 gallon kettles with handles Stainless, 1/2 in. Pharmaceutical quality Tri-Clamp Connectors Commercial duty, powder coat, baked enamel frame Frame Casters: Heavy duty swivel, two of the four are locking type (4.5″ T) For use with your choice of either Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LP) Vision 350 Touchscreen controller, 3-1/2 in. screen, 256 color, QVGA , Industrial type Software: Magic-Soft® (Patent Pending) programming


Thermoworks Smoke - Homebrew Temperature Monitor

2-Channels, one for air temperature and the other for liquid temperature Magnetic back to mount directly to smoker, oven, fermenter or kegerator door Back-lit large digital displays Wireless to 300-feet line of sight Uses commercial-grade Pro-Series Probes Splash-proof sealed design, rated to IP65 Dashboard-style display shows Min/Max and Hi/Low Alarms Pair multiple receivers to one base to monitor multiple kegerators COMING 2017 - Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi) & Smartphone App


QuickCarb Keg Carbonator - Blichmann Engineering

Carbonate in 30 minutes High-pressure co2-injection system Never over carbonating again All connectors are included Unit hangs from the front of your keg


Braumeister - 120 L Stainless Steel Conical Fermentation Tank

30 Gallon jacketed conical fermenter 1.5 inch Tri-Clamp Drain, Racking Port, and Lid outlet 8.5 inch Top hatch for easy cleaning and additions 2 X DIN10 Fittings w/ Sample Valve and Thermowell/ Thermometer combo Butterfly valves for bottom and side port are sold separate


Pico 5L Counter Top Electric Home Brewing System

Brew 5L mini-kegs of professional quality craft beer A compact and affordable All-in-One brewing appliance Uses PicoPaks produced by over 50+ craft breweries and homebrewers Brews beer in about 2 hours Pico can brew beers of up to 10% ABV Easy clean in the dishwasher.


Pumpkin Spiced Porter Extract Brewing Kit

Yield: 5 Gallons Original Gravity: 1.050 IBU 31 ABV: 5.1% Ready In 4 Weeks


Spiced Pumpkin Ale

Comes with everything you need to make great beer right in your own home! Have Fresh Beer in is little as 4 weeks! Perfect for Apartments or small kitchens. Perfect introduction for all grain beer making, comes with detailed instructions. Makes a great gift.


DARK PUMPKIN SPICE Home Brew Beer Recipe Kit

Ingredients for 5 gallons of beer Complete Instructions, 5 oz Priming Sugar, 50 Bottle Caps Specialty Grains w/ steeping bag & Malt Extract Pre portioned Hop additions High Quality Dry Yeast


Pumpkin Beer Tap Handle

Made of plastic resin. Fits standard draft beer faucets. Durable construction for reliability. Easy to install. Works with kegerators and other traditional draft beer systems.


Pumpkin Ale

6 lbs Gold LME 8oz Carapils malt 8oz Caramel 40 malt 1lb brown sugar 2 cinnamon sticks 1tsp nutmeg 1oz Cascade bittering hops 1oz Willamette aroma hops 5oz Primer sugar Muslin bag Instructions


Pumpy Ghost Caramel Nut Brown Pumpkin Ale

Just the Facts, Ma'am: ABV 5.7%, Color 18 SRM, IBU 20, Original Gravity 1.055, Final Gravity 1.012 All of our recipe kits are made fresh to your order. No pre-boxed kits. NO WAREHOUSES! The recipe kit makes 5 gallons of fresh, homebrewed beer. The recipe kit includes dried beer yeast and priming sugar. The recipe includes a can of pumpkin, vanilla bean and pumpkin pie spice.


Smashing Pumpkin Ale

Spiced Pumpkin Amber Ale ABV 5.78% Includes 1 oz. Cluster hops and 1 tsp. of Pumpkin Pie Spice Clean and sweetly malty with just enough hop bitterness to balance Complex, lingering spice profile full of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger


Coolbot - Cold Storage Thermostat

Perfect for building your own walk-in cold room An affordable cold storage temperature controller Make a keg room, wine cellar, lagering or fermentation chamber Easy DIY installation in minutes Allows a standard window-air conditioner to cool a room to 35F