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CCYL129 - Eagle River Ale Yeast

MICHIGAN INDIGENOUS - The Eagle River Ale Yeast is the second in a series of indigenous Michigan strains. It was isolated from the shore of Lake Superior near Eagle River Michigan. This yeast will produce excellent Belgian style ales. This yeast is rich in both spice and phenols exhibits predominantly fruity esters, similar to a Belgian ale strain. For 5 gallon batch, all Craft Cultures yeast strains are shipped ready to pitch from the lab. No More Starter needed. Get brewing sooner, and easier, with these Michigan based yeast strains.


CCYL112 - German Ale Yeast

For German alts and kölsch ales, of the lighter variety. Ferments like an ale, but results in a lager-like brew. Sulfur characteristics are diminished with aging. For 5 gallon batch, all Craft Cultures yeast strains are shipped ready to pitch from the lab. No More Starter needed. Get brewing sooner, and easier, with these Michigan based yeast strains.


CCYL110 - California Ale Yeast

The varieties of ales produced by the California Ale Yeast are endless and clean. The yeast compliments your choice hop flavor, allowing for the wide diversity of ales to be produced from this particular strain. For 5 gallon batch, all Craft Cultures yeast strains are shipped ready to pitch from the lab. No More Starter needed. Get brewing sooner, and easier, with these Michigan based yeast strains.


CCYL131 - Belgian Wit Ale 2.0

The original yeast used to produce Belgian witbier and a variety of other belgian style ales. For 5 gallon batch, all Craft Cultures yeast strains are shipped ready to pitch from the lab. No More Starter needed. Get brewing sooner, and easier, with these Michigan based yeast strains.


CCYL127 - Irish Ale Yeast

The Irish Ale Yeast imparts a mild fruitiness and subtle crisp dryness. It produces very small amounts of diacetyl. Great for stouts, Irish ales, porters, browns and reds. For 5 gallon batch, all Craft Cultures yeast strains are shipped ready to pitch from the lab. No More Starter needed. Get brewing sooner, and easier, with these Michigan based yeast strains.


A04 Barbarian - Imperial Organic Yeast

The holy grail of yeast strains with purported origins from a famed Vermont brewery, Barbarian gives you wonderful stone fruit esters and enhances hop character in beers. The complexity of this yeast is well suited for an array of hoppy beers, and it is most often used in the production of all kinds of IPAs, from session all the way up to imperial. The combination of peach and apricot esters works especially well with American citrus hops. It has medium flocculation characteristics and works much like a standard American strain, but produces a unique flavor profile. Use this yeast to brew a mean and spot-on Heady Topper clone!


B45 Gnome - Imperial Organic Yeast

Gnome is a great choice for Belgian beers. As opposed to many low-flocculating Belgian strains, this one flocculates well, creating crystal clear Belgian ales in a short amount of time. It tends to drop out of solution quickly after fermentation, clearing well. It produces peach and apricot esters with a Belgian phenolic character that can be manipulated through temperature. Good for use in hoppy Belgians, but Gnome can also be used to complement malt and caramel character in beers.


A07 Flagship - Imperial Organic Yeast

Flagship is the classic American ale strain. Neutral with medium flocculation and attenuation rates, this is a well-balanced yeast strain that can be used on a wide range of ales, from IPAs and pale ales to Russian Imperial Stouts. This strain can allow both hops and malts to come through. Due to the neutral nature of this strain, it is often used in American style pale ales and IPAs. With such versatility, it makes a great house strain!


A20 Citrus - Imperial Organic Yeast

Described as being as funky as saccharomyces gets, Citrus is a very fruity strain of yeast that borders on Brett-like. It produces lemon and orange flavors, as well as tropical fruit notes. It is a low-flocculating strain of yeast that stays in suspension for awhile and typically attenuates well. Use Citrus in any beer style where fruit and citrus character are desired. Fermenting this strain at higher temperatures can lead to huge fruit esters in the finished beer!


G01 Stefon - Imperial Organic Yeast

The perfect strain for traditional German weizens, hefeweizens, and other German-style wheat beers! This strain of yeast is one of the most popular yeast strains worldwide for the production of these beers, and for good reason. This strain will produce big banana esters that are complemented by mild clove phenolics. Production of these compounds can be manipulated through fermentation temperature, with warmer temperatures producing more esters and lower temperatures allowing a greater clove phenolic character to come through. Underpitching can also allow the production of more banana esters. This is a low flocculating strain and is known to ferment very vigorously, so allow plenty of headspace or employ a blowoff assembly when using this strain for fermentation.A slight stronger acidity will be produced by this strain, which works perfectly in German wheat beers!


B56 Rustic - Imperial Organic Yeast

Rustic is a great farmhouse strain of yeast that works well in saisons, as well as farmhouse ales and Belgian styles ales. It is known to produces a lot of fruity esters in beer. Flavor notes are described as "bubblegum" and "juicy," making it a great choice when high levels of esters are desired in the final product. These flavors are coupled with a slight spiciness and adicity. It can ferment at very warm temperatures, where the esters will really come out at shine!


A01 House - Imperial Organic Yeast

House from Imperial Organic Yeast is truly a versatile strain that works great as, well, a house strain! It is well balanced, allowing both malt and hop character to shine in the finished beer. This yeast is clean all around, but will produce more fruity esters as temperature increases. While it works well on American IPAs and pales, it can be used in a plethora of ales, both British and American. This yeast is highly flocculant and will drop out of solution after fermentation, yielding brilliantly clear beers. A great choice for a house strain in your home brewery!


A15 Independence - Imperial Organic Yeast

Independence is an American ale strain that is great for making hop-forward beers! It will produce more fruity esters than a standard, neutral American ale yeast strain. These esters tend to mesh well with hop character, bringing out their full potential. While it can be used in hoppy beers, it can also give a unique character to English ales and stouts, and can work in a range of different ales. Give this one a try next time you are planning on making a hoppy beer!


L02 Fest - Imperial Organic Yeast

Fest is just what it's name suggests - a great strain for producing malt-forward festival lagers! Marzens, Oktoberfests, Bocks and more can all be made with this amazing yeast strain! As far as lager strains go, this is one of the most flocculant, and can be used to make clear beers that do not require filtration. It is a strain that will ferment well, leaving beers with a good malt character without being overly sweet. A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended near the end of fermentation to ensure a clean finish.


A09 Pub - Imperial Organic Yeast

Pub yeast is a very highly flocculant British style ale yeast! Because of its high rate of flocculation, it can produce brilliantly clear beers without the need for filtration. It is a favorite of many brewers in the production of British style bitters, but works well in a range of different British style beers, including milds, porters, stouts, and English IPAs. It produces more esters than the more neutral American yeast strains, and should be given a good diacetyl rest. Because it is highly flocculant, it will settle out of solution very quickly. It can be used to churn out clear beers in a very short amount of time!


B64 Napoleon - Imperial Organic Yeast

Ready for a yeast strain that attenuates well and gives you citrusy esters and peppery phenolics? Napoleon is here to conquor your taste buds! This yeast strain, with assumed origins in France, is perfect for French and Belgian style saisons alike! It is also good for many farmhouse style beers. It ferments sugars like they are nothing, even chewing through sugars that most saccharomyces strains would leave alone. This results in a crisp, dry beer that have delicious citrus flavors and aromas. As it is a low flocculating yeast, it may take longer for those strongly fermenting yeast to settle out of suspension and clarify the beer.


A10 Darkness - Imperial Organic Yeast

With a name like "Darkness," you know this strain is going to make great dark beers! It contributes flavor and aromatic notes that match perfectly with roasted and caramel malts, making it ideal for use in the production of stouts, porters, brown and amber ales. In addition to its unique flavor contributions, Darkness is also highly alcohol tolerant, making it a great yeast to use for high gravity beers. A great yeast strain for making Russian Imperial Stouts, Darkness is also great for Irish style ales of all kinds!


A18 Joystick - Imperial Organic Yeast

Joystick has purported origins from a famous Oregon brewery that has made great use of it...and for good reason! This yeast is highly flocculant, ferments quickly, attenuates well, is very alcohol-tolerant, produces little to no diacetyl, and produces only a mild fruitiness. It can make beers that have a crisp, dry finish with a slight mineral character. It is a great strain to use in the production of just about any style of ale, including IPAs, pale ales, blond ales, ambers, browns, stouts, porters, Scottish and Irish ales...the list goes on! Use the Joystick strain, where any recipe calls for pacman yeast!


L17 Harvest - Imperial Organic Yeast

Harvest is a great strain for all those really big, malty lagers! Perfect for festbiers such as Bocks, Doppelbocks and Oktoberfests, it also has a lot of characteristics that make it good for lagers of all kinds! It produces low levels of diacetyl and sulfur, producing clean beers every time! Slightly lower attenuation means that this yeast can leave some residual sugars and produces beers with great malt character! Give this a try on your big, malty lagers!


G02 Kaiser - Imperial Organic Yeast

Making a traditional-style German ale? Give Kaiser a try! Kaiser is a clean German ale strain of yeast that will ferment clean, allowing the delicate nuances of the malt character to shine through! Kaiser can be used to make beers with wonderful malt flavor and aroma that mimic traditional German ales.It is a low flocculating yeast that can ferment very vigorously! Expect long clearing times that leave a beer that is clean and crisp, with very low levels of diacetyl. It works well at slightly lower temperatures, and can be used to make wonderful Altbier, Kolsch, and Berliner Weiss.


B63 Monastic - Imperial Organic Yeast

Monastic is a classic abbey strain of Belgian yeast, and as such works well in the production of big abbey ales, such as quads and dark Belgian ales. It will produce the big esters and a high amount of spicy phenolics which are characteristic of traditional Belgian ales and the monk-produced Abbey ales. Great for trappist-style beers as well! As this strain is a lower flocculating strain, expect it to stay in solution for awhile, completing fermentation and giving a distinct dryness to the finished beers.


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