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The following beer keg dispensing equipment allows you to dispense and serve homebrew without all the hassle of bottles. Choose from homebrew kegerators, homebrew keg dispensing systems or portable homebrew setups.

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3" Shank with 3/16" Bore

Beer shanks to make all your dispensing dreams come true! These chrome plated brass shanks are used in a variety of setups to create draft systems. A 3/16" bore is perfect for liquid dispensing of all types, including sweet sweet beer. This 3" shank is slightly smaller than the 4" shank that is common in draft applications. Simply drill out your hole, place your shank through, and lock in place with the included lock nut. A faucet can then be attached to the outside of your draft setup, whether it be a kegerator, keezer or jockey box! Also needed on the inside is a 3/16" tailpiece, neoprene beer washer and beer nut.


3/8" Quick Connect Plug Insert

Most often used for CO2 connections, these quick disconnects are chrome-plated brass. This is the male side, which has a 3/8" straight barb on one end, while the other end is male andfits into the female end. It has a temperature tolerance range from -40 to 180F and a vacuum pressure tolerance of 120 PSI. This male piece is used with the female piece #04P01-111


16 Gram CO2 Bulb, Non-Threaded

Individual 16 gram Co2 non-threaded bulb for use with our Cornelius Keg CO2 Charger (Item # 4990)


74 gram CO2 Bulb

The Flex Tap is the perfect system for dispensing beer out of sanke kegs, and we have the replacement CO2 bulbs to run it! These 74 gram CO2 bulbs will typically work to dispense 7.5 gallons of beer, meaning that you can do about half of a full 1/2 barrel keg with one bulb. Be sure to have extras on hand!


3" Triple Tower Conversion

Three is better than one! This 3" beer tower extension not only extends your tower, but comes with two shanks for adding two more faucets to your tower setup. With the existing fauet, this means that you can have up to three beer faucets on your setup! Perfect for going big with your existing 3" beer tower, get your extension today!


Stainless Steel 5/16" x 5/16" Splicer

This stainless steel splicer has 5/16" splicers on both sides. It can be used to connect two lengths of hose with a 5/16" ID together. This is a standard size for liquid siphon line, but these fittings can be used in gas applications as well.


Brass Faucet Lever for Standard Faucet

This is a replacement brass faucet lever for standard faucets. It is the brass piece that the faucet knob or handle screws onto, and fits into the plunger assembly. It moves forward and backward, working in tandem with the plunger assembly to allow beer to flow. These brass levers are known to break every once in awhile, so if you need a replacement, we have one for you right here!


Beer Tap Cap

When summer comes around, so do the fruit flies. These little buggers are attracted to the sweet, sweet smell of beer...and who can blame them? But once they smell the sticky syrup that condenses in the mouth of your faucet, they colonize and take over, laying eggs and making your kegerator or draft setup a nightmare! Keep those fruit flies out of your tap with Beer Tap Caps! These little rubber caps, though inconspicuous, can save you from summertime infestations of biblical proportions. Keep these on your faucets when not in use, and you'll drastically reduce fruit fly populations in and around your draft system!


Beer Tower Cooler

This product is designed to cool a beer tower on a direct draw type draft beer system. The number one complaint about any direct draw kegerator is that the beer faucet & shank get warm and your first 1/2 glass of beer is always foamy. But the solution is less than 5 minutes away - just install this tower cooler. It works by continuously blowing a small volume of cold air into your beer tower and the cold air keeps your beer shanks and faucets ice cold. A side benefit is that the continuous cold keeps faucet mold and bacteria growth at an absolute minimum. Installs in minutes with no tools!


Stainless Steel 3/8" x 3/8" Splicer

This stainless steel splicer has 3/8" splicers on both sides. It can be used to connect two lengths of hose with a 3/8" ID together. This is the standard size for gas line in beer applications, but these fittings can be used in liquid applications as well.


Taprite Nitrogen Regulator

For years, Taprite has been a trusted name in the beverage industry. Known for their high quality, Taprite provides an array of wonderful dispensing equipment. Now, Great Fermentations is proud to bring you Taprite brand nitrogen regulators. These dual guage regulators have a male thread and mount to high-pressure nitrogen tanks with a CGA-580 valve. One guage shows output pressure and reads from 0 to 60 PSI, while the other shows remaining pressure. Output pressure is adjustable, and can be read on the output guage. The regulator features a 3/8" O.D. barb with a shutoff valve to connect to your gas system, as well as a non-adjustable safety blow-off set for 55-65 PSI. With this regulator, you will be nitrogenating and serving beautiful beer with the tell-tale cascade of nitrogen bubbles in no time!


Liquid Pin Lock Disconnect - 1/4" MFL

You can never have too many disconnects! For all your pin lock draft needs, Great Fermentations offers you these liquid pin lock disconnects. Easy to take apart and clean, these have their uses not only in picnic taps, jockey boxes and home draft systems, but in a number of other brewing-related projects. These disconnects have a 1/4" MFL connection, which is perfect for attaching a swivel nut set for myriad applications. They have a plastic end on the male flare fitting so you don't have to use a plastic flare fitting washer when connecting them to metal. Make sure you have enough on hand for all the kegging and draft projects your mind can come up with!


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