Keg Dispensing Supplies

The following beer keg dispensing equipment allows you to dispense and serve homebrew without all the hassle of bottles. Choose from homebrew kegerators, homebrew keg dispensing systems or portable homebrew setups.

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Wye Splitter

A Y-shaped connector used to split CO2 from a regulator that only has one outlet to two. Measurements are 1/4" MPT X 1/4" FPT X 1/4" FPT. Perfect for use in sending CO2 to both a keg and the Blichmann BeerGun at the same time! Also useful in other applications when CO2 needs to be split two ways.


3/16" ID Bevlex Thick Walled Tubing

Bevlex tubing is a high quality thick-walled tubing. This 3/16" tubing works well for beer line, as it is the standard inner diameter for most serving systems. While the thinner walled tubing may also be used, this thick-walled tubing is recommended for permanent installations, such as on a kegerator or keezer dispensing system. It is also recommended when a thicker wall would come in useful. It is more durable and can withstand more pressure than the thinner-walled version.

Inner Diameter: 3/16 in.
Outer Diameter: 7/16 in.


5" Shank with 3/16" Bore

Beer shanks to make all your dispensing dreams come true! These chrome plated brass shanks are used in a variety of setups to create draft systems. A 3/16" bore is perfect for liquid dispensing of all types, including sweet sweet beer. This 5" shank (actual measurement: 5 1/8") is slightly longer than the standard 4" shank and works when you need just a little more length. Simply drill out your hole, place your shank through, and lock in place with the included lock nut. A faucet can then be attached to the outside of your draft setup, whether it be a kegerator, keezer or jockey box! Also needed on the inside is a 3/16" tailpiece, neoprene beer washer and beer nut.


5/16" Tailpiece

This 5/16" tailpiece works with standard 5/16" ID CO2 tubing. Most often, these are found on the CO2 side of sanke couplers. Used in conjunction with a beer nut and a neoprene beer washer, these tailpieces can create a tight seal for CO2. Useful as a replacement on kegerator setups, make sure you have one on hand in your draft emergency kit!


Bonnet Angler

A bonnet angler is a little piece that comes in handy when trying to use an extra-long tap handle on a kegerator that has a flat surface, such as a converted refridgerator. Often, a longer tap handle won't have the clearance necessary, and will hit the body of the kegerator, not able to fully shut the beer faucet. Alleviate these problems with a bonnet angler! The bonnet angler creates a slight forward lean, giving you room to proudly display your long tap handles!


Brass Coupling Nut for Faucet

Replace your missing or damaged coupling nut with one of these brass replacements from Great Fermentations! These also work well with a faucet adapter (item #17C13-100). Put one of these on the faucet adapter, add a faucet and a liquid disconnect on the other end, and you have yourself a faucet assembly ready to put on a cornelies keg!


Double End Faucet Brush

The secret weapon for keeping a clean brewery! A double ended brush can come in handy for cleaning all those hard-to-reach places, not only in your dispensing system, but also in your brewing equipment. The two ends have two different sizes brushes, which come in handy in cleaning faucet parts, keg posts, dip tubes, racking arms, ball valves, bottle fillers...the list goes on! Keep every nook and cranny of your brewing equipment clean with one of these. Highly recommended to anyone who owns a keg or a permanent dispensing setup.


Economy Twist Sanke Pump Tap

Always have a tap when the party demands one! This economy twist sanke pump tap is a classic party-style pump coupler. It features a pump for pressurizing a keg with air, a twist-style coupling mechanism similar to those found on low-profile sanke couplers, and a short black picnic faucet. This is the perfect, economical solution for kegs that are going to be quickly consumed. Instead of paying the liquor store multiple deposits, invest in a pump tap and always be prepared to get the party started!


Johnson Controls External Refrigerator Thermostat

From Johnson Controls, a trusted name in temperature control and thermostats, comes this handy external thermostat that can be used to keep your beer at just the right temperature! The unit consists of a probe that goes into your cooling device (refrigerator or freezer), an analog thermostat that ranges between 20 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and a power cord with plug outlet for the cooling device. Simply place the probe on the inside of your cooling device, plug your device into the unit, and set your temperature. Done! The unit will interrupt power to the cooling device when the temperature goes too far out of range of the set temperature.

Note: that there is a 3 ½ degree differential between the set point and the actual temperature. However, this range should have minimal effect on the actual beer temperature. Using this control, homebrewers have been able to make excellent lagers all year round, cold crash their beers, and so much more!


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