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The following beer keg dispensing equipment allows you to dispense and serve homebrew without all the hassle of bottles. Choose from homebrew kegerators, homebrew keg dispensing systems or portable homebrew setups.

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Black Plastic Picnic Faucet

A black plastic picnic faucet comes in handy in a pinch! Affectionately referred to as a cobra tap, this is a fairly simple dispensing mechanism. When the lever is pressed, the rubber gate is lifted, allowing beer to flow. These picnic faucets come apart easily for cleaning, and feature a barbed end that can fit on standard beer line. Make your own or keep one on hand in case the unthinkable happens!


Bonnet for Perl Faucet - Chrome

Chrome replacement bonnet for the Perlick Perl faucet.


Euro Sanke "S" Coupler

From Taprite comes this "S" style keg coupler, also known as a tap. This is the part that really gets the beer flowing! Chrome-plated brass construction ensures for longevity of the coupler, so that you can keep the beer flowing keg after keg. The "S" style coupler is a common European style coupler used by many leading breweries in Europe, including Stella Artois, Heineken, Beck's, Amstel, Newcastle, Pilsner Urquell, Lindeman's, and Huyghe, makers of Delirium Tremens. It is similar to a North American "D" style coupler, but runs about a 1/4" deeper into the keg. This coupler comes with a standard 5/16" gas barb, check valve and beer nut on the gas side. Not included with this coupler are the neoprene washer, 3/16" barb liquid tailpiece and beer nut.


Faucet End Washer for Standard Faucet

This is a replacement faucet end washer for standard faucets. This washer fits on the end of the faucet that attaches to the shank on a kegerator setup and helps create a good seal, ensuring no liquid leaks out. From time to time, these wear out and need to be replaced. Luckily, Great Fermentations has the replacement washer you need!


Faucet Plug w/Brush

Brilliant! A small brush that fits over the end of your cap and kills two birds with one stone: keeps your faucet clean, and keeps flies out! When the heat of summer comes around and old beer heats up in the metal interior of your faucet, flies start hovering around. And what is worse than getting a cup of beer full of flies? Protect your beer by having a faucet plug with brush that scrubs out the inside of your tap and keeps flies out!


Oetiker (Ear) Clamp - No. 10

Oetiker clamps provide a permanent clamping solution! This style of clamp has a 1-ear design, which means they are crimped at a single point on the clamp to create a superior seal over your tubing. These small Oetiker clamps are often used on 3/16" thin-walled tubing that is used in some liquid applications and on thin-walled liquid draft lines. These clamps hold tight, creating a great seal that holds for a long time! Some people prefer these for more permanent systems. If you are looking to switch over to a snug seal that lasts, make sure you use Oetiker clamps!


Perlick 630SS Stainless Steel Beer Faucet

The name Perlick has been in the beverage industry for a long time, and has always been associated with high quality draft equipment. The 630SS is no exception. This faucet is forward-sealing so there is less chance of bacterial and yeast activity. A high-quality forward sealing faucet such as this will need to be cleaned less frequently than an inferior back-sealing standard faucet. Being all-stainless, this Perlick faucet is built to last! Staying strong long after other metals begin to degrade, a stainless steel Perlick faucet is something of a long-term investment, but well worth the price!


White plastic lever shaft washer for Standard Faucet

This is a replacement white plastic lever shaft washer for standard faucets. It goes on top of the ball of the faucet lever of a standard faucet. Washers wear out over time, and used equipment that has not been properly maintained may need new washers. If this is the case, Great Fermentations has replacements for you!


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