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The following beer keg dispensing equipment allows you to dispense and serve homebrew without all the hassle of bottles. Choose from homebrew kegerators, homebrew keg dispensing systems or portable homebrew setups.

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Hose Splicer


Pin Lock Gas Line Dispensing Kit

A great, easy way to make CO2 and keg connections!The pin lock gas dispensing kit is a 3-foot length of 5/16" ID Bevlex tubing with a ball lock gas disconnect and 5/16" swivel nut set worm-clamped on one end, and a small worm clamp on the other that can be used to connect the assembly to a CO2 manifold or regulator. Always good to have around, especially for carbonating several kegs at once!


Standard Faucet Assembly with 4 in. Shank

Make your dream draft system at home! Our standard faucet assembly includes everything you will need to put a faucet on an old fridge, or on the collar of a chest freezer.

This standard assembly includes:
Standard chrome-plated faucet
Faucet knob
Chrome-plated 4 1/8 in. shank with 3/16 in. bore
Beer nut, neoprene washer and 3/16 in. tailpiece

Simply drill your hole, install your assembly, and hook your liquid line into the 3/16 in. tailpiece in the back of the assembly, and you'll be pouring draft beer in no time! Perfect for refrigerator or chest freezer conversions. Get a few and have multiple beers on at once!


Bass Sanke "G" Style Coupler

The "G" type coupler is sometimes known as a Bass keg coupler or tap. This is the style of coupler used on Bass, Boddington's, Anchor, Grolsch, Old Speckled Hen, Innis & Gunn and Watney's kegs, among others. Without this style of coupler, it may be hard to get beer out of kegs from those breweries! This coupler comes with the gas side connections, but does not come with the 3/16" liquid tailpiece, beer nut or neoprene washer needed for the liquid side.


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