Keg Dispensing Supplies

The following beer keg dispensing equipment allows you to dispense and serve homebrew without all the hassle of bottles. Choose from homebrew kegerators, homebrew keg dispensing systems or portable homebrew setups.

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Party Pig Gasket

Party Pig Gasket


Pin Lock Gas Line Dispensing Kit

A great, easy way to make CO2 and keg connections!The pin lock gas dispensing kit is a 3-foot length of 5/16" ID Bevlex tubing with a ball lock gas disconnect and 5/16" swivel nut set worm-clamped on one end, and a small worm clamp on the other that can be used to connect the assembly to a CO2 manifold or regulator. Always good to have around, especially for carbonating several kegs at once!


Wye Splitter

A Y-shaped connector used to split CO2 from a regulator that only has one outlet to two. Measurements are 1/4" MPT X 1/4" FPT X 1/4" FPT. Perfect for use in sending CO2 to both a keg and the Blichmann BeerGun at the same time! Also useful in other applications when CO2 needs to be split two ways.


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