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Pin Lock Tank Plug Assembly - Gas (Firestone A/R and John Wood RA/RC)

Get the right tank plugs for your kegs! This is a gas side full pin lock tank plug assembly. It fits on Firestone keg models A or R, and also on John Wood keg models RA and RC. These are full tank plug assemblies that come with the actual tank plug, a poppet and an o-ring for the plug. These should help to get these keg models up and running again in no time!


Common Dip Tube O-Ring

These are the o-rings for the dip tubes on your standard cornelius kegs. They fit both the liquid and gas side dip tubes, helping to create a good seal so that your dip tubes function properly. If they start to fray or wear, replace them with these common dip tube o-rings!


Cap for Liquid (Black) Ball Lock Keg Disconnect

This is a replacement gray cap for liquid side ball lock keg disconnects. These unscrew to reveal the inner workings of the keg disconnect and work to hold the poppet and spring in place. If you are in need of a replacement, Great Fermentations has you covered!


Keg Lid O-Ring for Cornelius Kegs

All kegs have o-rings: one on each post, one on each dip tube, and a large closure o-ring that fits over the center closure. This is the large o-ring that fits over the lid, creating a seal that allows the lid to remain sealed in place. Over time, these o-rings can wear out. When that happens, it's time for new ones!


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