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Pumpkin Ale Extract Kit

The grain bill contributes an orange color but the can of pumpkin steeped with the grain really brings out the perfect color. A blend of spices that includes nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and dried ginger just screams PUMPKIN PIE! Some like it spicier so we give you the option for adding more spices in the secondary. Use Wyeast British ale yeast #1335 to give the beer some residual sweetness. Please note that the canned pumpkin and spices used in this recipe are not included in the kit. You'll have to raid your pantry or your local grocery store for these.


White House Honey Porter Extract Kit

This dark beer is sure to have about as much transparency as Washington Politics (ziiiiing!). A pound of honey in the recipe dries out the finish but gives the beer an appealing rich honey aroma. Do you suppose home brewing was on Barak's honey do list?


Kolsch Extract Kit

The signature of this Kolsch is its malt roundness and noble hopping. We like to ferment with Wyeast Kolsch yeast to get a slight fruitiness of an ale with the clean lager-like flavor palette. We like to pitch Kolsch yeast in the 58-62F range and let the heat from fermentation ramp the temperature up to around 65-68F. However this yeast ferments well any where between 56-70F. Watch out, this yeast can be volcanic! We recommend using half reverse osmosis or distilled water and half tap water for a finished beer more true to style.


Pumpkin Patch Porter Extract Kit

You have the option being a purist and roasting and cubing 3 pounds of pumpkin or just using canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix). The pumpkin gives you the color and a hint of flavor but the crux of this beer is the spices. The roasted and crystal malts pair exceptionally well with the spices. We like the residual sweetness of Wyeast Thames Valley 1275 with this recipe.


Dunkelweizen Extract Kit

Our secret ingredients are caramel wheat, melanoidin and chocolate wheat for layers of flavors. Spalt and hallertau are used at the beginning of the boil and at 30 minutes.


Lawnmower Ale Extract Kit

A pale colored, low alcohol, lightly hopped beer has a time and a place, especially in the summer. Our lawnmower ale has no grains and just a 45 minute boil to keep the color as pale as possible. Using Wyeast 1056 American ale yeast will produce a clean, neutral crisp finish.


Thanks for the Mammaries Milk Stout Extract Kit

Think stout with a hint of sweetness from the addition of lactose in the boil. The resulting sweetness takes the sharp dark grain edge off the stout . The sweetness isn't so pronounced to take away from the beer.


Big Little Guy Session IPA Extract Kit

Big on hops, low in alcohol! Big Little Guy Session IPA follows in the footsteps of many commercially-produced session IPAs by delivering a big hop punch without harsh bitterness. In addition, the ABV is kept low, so that you can have several in a session and not fall flat on your face! This Founder's All Day IPA clone includes a combination of Amarillo, Simcoe and Crystal hops that fill out the hop profile, delivering a delicious burst of hops on the pallet that do not linger or become overly bitter. A blend of crystal malts, dark wheat and flaked oats contribute sweetness, body and mouthfeel to balance the beer out. With a twenty minute boil and a quick turnaround, this beer is incredibly easy to make and can be ready to drink quickly! In a few weeks you'll be sitting on the back porch, enjoying several of these with friends. Cheers!


Honey Lager Extract Kit

The floral accents of Tettnang hops play off the honey aroma of a pound of honey malt and honey syrup. We recommend Wyeast California Lager yeast for a clean malty finish. Although this is a lager yeast, it ferments well from 58-68F.


Belgian Blond Extract Kit

A very drinkable Belgian ale, even for those who don't care for Belgian beers. The flavor is a melange of smooth malt, subtle spicy phenols with a dry finish.


Java Porter Extract Kit

Using a time tested porter recipe, we decided to pair it with Bjava Guatemalan Rio Azul coffee. Rich chocolate and caramel flavors are accentuated by 'dry coffeeing' in the secondary fermenter. Nothing like a good 'ol cup of coffee in the morning! We like to use Wyeast Scottish Ale yeast 1728 to provide some residual sweetness.


Octoberfester Extract Kit

We create the Octoberfest flavor palette from lots of munich, toast from biscuit and rich caramel from melanoidin malt. This amber colored beer starts with a firm malt grasp that quickly gives way to a slightly dry finish with lingering hop flavor from the hallertau and saaz. Use Wyeast Octoberfest 2633 if you can lager, Wyeast Bohemian lager 2124 if you don't have control over temperature.


Phat Tire Extract Kit

The signature of this beer is toasty notes backed up with maltiness and wrapped up with enough hops to balance. Very close to the namesake.


Black Hole IPA Extract Kit

Looks like a porter. Drinks like an IPA. Dark in color but not acrid or overly roasty from the use of Carafa III. Columbus, galena, centennial and cascade provide the citrus hop punch you expect.


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