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The Ferm Wrap Heater

Model: FE650

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The Ferm Wrap Heater at HomeBrewing.com for control of fermenting temperatures, refrigeration or brewing systems. Get control of your brewing temperatures with the The Ferm Wrap Heater.

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  • Keep your yeast happy and your ferment warm during those cold winter months with this flexible heater wrap!
  • Unlike those old heater belts, the FermWrap covers a wide area of your carboy or fermentation vessel, promoting an even heat distribution
  • Using tape to adhere, the FermWrap can be attached directly to your fermenter, or can be used to heat the space in a box (or refrigerator) that the fermenter is in
Dimensions: 11 in. tall x 25 in. wide
Weight: 0.25 lbs.
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