Speidel 500L Braumeister - (145 gallons)

Model: BRAU400


The Speidel Braumeister 500L is a high quality all-in-one, electric all-grain professional brewing system. With the Speidel Braumeister 500L you can brew your own, individual beer and make your dreams come true!

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  • Perfect for brew pubs and small breweries
  • Produces 145 gallons of wort per batch! 132 gallons of finished beer
  • Mash, Boil and Cool all in the same vessel
  • High quality built in dimpled cooling jacket
  • Built in temperature, time and pump system
  • Fully automatic brewing control ensures the brewing process
  • Smallest complete brew house footprint
Dimensions: 100 L x 52 W x 110 H (inches)
Weight: 840 lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year
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