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Blichmann Cornical 7 Gallon Keg and Conical Fermenter



The Cornical is unique keg and conical fermenter system that allows you to ferment with the conical base and use multiple kegs on top as needed. With the Blichmann cornical, you are then able to dispense from the keg and utilize the cone bottom on another keg to ferment an additional batch.

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  • Ferment, carbonate, and serve beer from one vessel
  • Integrated rotating racking arm with sanitary sampling valve
  • Modular design to allow use as both a fermentor and a serving keg
  • Removable bottom makes cleaning simple and fast
  • Full 1.5 inch sanitary butterfly dump valve (for yeast harvesting and trub dumping)
  • All stainless sanitary fittings for contamination free beer
  • Pressure capable to 50psi for fermentation
  • Easy to use lid hatch for dry hopping and secondary additions
Dimensions: 38.5 H x 10 W x 14 D inches
Weight: N/A lbs.
Warranty: 1 YEAR
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