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Mash Stabilizer 5.2 pH 1 lb

Model: KC_7085B


A brewer's best friend, the Mash Stabilizer 5.2 pH 1 lb. (7085B) locks in your mash and kettle water at a pH of 5.2 regardless of the starting pH of your water. It provides consistent pH in any water conditions, but really shines if you're brewing with hard water. Benefits include optimizing the enzymatic activity of your malt and clarifying your wort. This pH stabilizer also offers consistent hop usage in the boil and reduces scaling and mineral deposits in the lauter.Composition: Made of a proprietary blend of food-grade buffering phosphates (similar to brewer's salts)Safe and Consistent: This stabilizer is safe for your mash and will not add any flavors to your beerGeneral Use: Use 2 oz. stabilizer for 31 gallons of water used in your brew, place in mash tun while you're mashing

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