Wort Chiller Recirculation Package - 10 Gallon

Model: MB_WC57

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Our preferred method to cool, and invented by MoreBeer! customer Jamil Zainasheff. How it works: Wort travels from the kettle to a pump and back into the kettle via a short copper arm that aims the hot wort into the wall of cooling coils. This creates a flow of hot wort across the coils of your wort chiller and throughout your kettle. The movement of wort creates a fast heat exchange, and uses far less water than a traditional wort chiller.,,Recirculating the wort in the same vessel allows you to continue chilling until your wort gets to the proper pitching temperature before transferring to your fermenter. Add a thermometer into your boil kettle to get consistent results every time! Start recirculation before the end of the boil so everything the wort moves through will be sanitized. Most of the chilling happens on the outside of the coil allowing for a much simpler cleanup. Comes with instructions, 2 zip ties, one hose clamp and copper re-circulation tube 1/2". This system does require the use of a pump, like our H315HF High-Temp pump.,,A wort chiller will need to be purchased separately. This option works on our WC30, WC45, WC50, and WC55 only.,1/2"OD, 3/8"ID,,25 1/2" Double Bent 1/2" Copper Piece For Recirculation Chilling Bent Perpendicular 90 Degrees at 5" and 5"

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