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Wort Chiller - Blichmann Therminator Chiller Assembly

Model: MB_WC98

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If you prefer to purchase your home brewing parts in complete packages with all of the tools required for assembly, you’ll love this assembly kit version of our popular Blichmann Therminator Chiller. This Blichmann Therminator Chiller Assembly package comes with everything you’ll need to chill your wort to the perfect temperature and to attach the chiller itself to the rest of your home brew setup.,This chiller features quick disconnects on both of the wort’s ins and outs, as well as a ball valve that will control the flow rate that comes out of the out portal. This also gives the brewer complete control, as the ball valve helps you to slow the flow rate, give the wort more contact time against the water and produce colder wort once the process is complete. If you’ve spent years using an immersion chiller, you’ll be amazed at the difference that the Blichmann Therminator Chiller will make in your home brew process.

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