Taprite American Sanke Beer Tap (D-Style)

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The most popular tap in the USA. Commercial D-Style Sanke Tap, also called a Coupler, with lock down mechanism that gives solid click when engaged. Built in pressure relief valve (50 p.s.I) for safety. Heavy duty construction is designed to withstand commercial usage. Beer is dispensed out of the top port, the side port is for gas. Manufactured by Taprite, a USA company.,,,This item does not come with a tail piece, hex nut or gasket for dispensing beer out of the top port. These will need to be purchased separately.,,This is the default tap used by most American Craft breweries. Here is a partial list of breweries that have been reported to being using American D style kegs. ,Abita,ACME,Alaskan,Alexander Keith,Anderson Valley,Bad Frog,BayHawk,BBC,Black Dog,Blanche de Chambly,Blue Moon,Breckenridge,Brooklyn,Bruin Pale Ale,Budweiser,Busch,Carlsburg,Celis,Cider Jack,Columbia Brewing,Coors,Coors Light,Corona,Deschutes Black Butte,Devil Mountain,Dos Equis,Eel River Brewing,Ellicottville,E.J. Phair,Fat Tire,Firehouse,Firestone,Flying Dog,Foster's,Full Sail,Genesee,George Killian's Irish Red,Goose Island,Gordon Biersch,Grant's,Green Mountain Cidery,Hamms,Hard Core Cider,Henry Weinhard's,High Falls,Holy Cow Red,Hornsby's,Hudson Valley,Humboldt,Ice House,Killarney,Killian's Irish Red,Kirin Ichiban,Kokanee,Labatt Blue,Leinenkugel,Little Kings,Lost Coast,Lowenbrau (US),Mad River,Maudite,Miami Trail Brewing,Michael Shea's,Michelob,Mickey's,Middle Ages,Miller,Milwaukee's Best,Modelo,Molson Canadian,Moosehead,Natural,New Amsterdam,New Zeland Steinlager,Nor'Wester,North Coast,O'Doul's,Old Milwaukee,Old Vienna,Pete's,Portland Mactarnahan's Amber,Portland Oregon Honey,Pyramid,Razors Edge,Red Ale,Red Dog,Red Hook,Red Wolf,Rogue Dead Guy Ale Rogue Hazelnut Brown Rogue Red,Rolling Rock,Sam Adams,Saranac,Saxer Brewing,Schmitt's,Shiner Bock,Ship Inn,Shipyard,Sierra Nevada,Sleemans,Southpaw,Spanish Peaks Black Dog,Starr Hill Brewery,Steinlager,Strohs,Tecate,Thomas Kemper,Trois Pistoles,Unibroue,Wasatch,Weinhard's,Whitbread Ale,Widmer Hefeweizen,Woodchuck Dark & Dry Cider,Wyder's,Yuengling,Zebra

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