Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 20L (5.3 gal)

Model: MB_FE710

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The future is here today, and the future is HDPE Fermentation & Storage Tanks from Speidel.,,Are you tired of carboys? Hate siphoning to transfer? Wish you could ferment larger batches in a single container? Sick of lifting 50lbs by a small metal handle? Done with worrying about shattered glass, injury and lost product? Well then have we got the solution for you!,,These heavy duty plastic tanks offer a fantastic fermentation & storage solution at a great price.,,Key Features:,,,Heavy duty HDPE construction is durable and resists oxygen transfer. None of the risks of working with glass.,,,Small footprint makes them easy to store - take better advantage of the space you have to dedicate to wine & beer making.,,,Built-in handles make these tanks easy to move, even when full.,,,Large lid opening makes them easy to clean by hand - say goodbye to your carboy brush!,,,All ports seal with gaskets and the vessel can be fully sealed for long-term storage.,,,Includes a spigot and oversized 2-piece Speidel airlock.,,,Designed and manufactured in Germany by Speidel, the makers of our legendary commercial wine tanks,Suggested Applications:,,,12L: Perfect for storing small lots, making experimental batches and taking some of your beer or wine along with you to your next party.,,,20L: Ideal for secondary fermentation and storage of 5 gallon batches.,,,30L: The vessel for fermenting wine kits and 5 gallon batches of beer with plenty of headspace and no need for a blowoff tube.,,,60L: Perfect for fermenting larger batches of wine or 10 gallon batches of beer in a single container! Only 4" larger in diameter than a 6.5 gallon carboy!,,,120L: Ferment & Store large batches of anything - your creativity is the only limit!,Approximate Dimensions: 12in Diameter x 16.5in Height (w/out airlock in place). Note - The maximum temperature that these plastic fermenters can handle is 140F.

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