Kit (All-Grain) - Maple Bacon Brown - Unmilled (Base Malts Only)

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Maple Syrup, Bacon and Beer. You will be the brewer who makes this happen, maple, bacon and beer together... on tap... in your house. You will be revered and worshipped like the holy grail.  Low whispers will trail your every move.... "There he goes, the ONE who makes bacon beer".  ,As for us... we had to test maple bacon syrup for six months to get it right. Then we had to brew maple bacon beer for another six months to get the recipe right. It was awful. But don't shed a tear for us... we brew beer like it's our job. Well, actually it is our job. ,Complexity! This is a brown ale that is amazingly complex, with no one flavor dominating the other.  We use six different flavoring malts including, Abbey Malt, Caravienne, Crystal 60, Carapils, Chocolate, and Cherrywood smoked for unmatched depth. On that amazing base we add one pound of our out of this World Maple Bacon Candi Syrup.  To make this syrup, real smoked bacon is cooked at high temperature in artisanal small batches of liquid candi sugar. We then finish the beer with a couple ounces of East Kent Golding hops that seamlessly blends in earthy, floral characteristics and adds the final dimension.  With its amazing combination of rich, subtle flavors and mild bitterness this is the perfect beer to have on tap when the weather turns a bit chilly.  , 

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