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ManCan SS Mini-Keg Growler Serving System - 128 Flex

Model: MB_GL620

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The Flex serving system from ManCan is a perfect, pour anywhere mobile draft solution. Featuring a one gallon (128 oz) SS ManCan Mini Keg growler, a perfect pour 2 stage Regulator, and a serving line; this is a go anywhere package that will keep your beer serving beautifully.   The upgraded top attachment allows you to carbonate and serve beers using custom ball lock connection packages (all included).  The Perfect Pour regulator maintains a set PSI output, high enough to push your beer out and retain carbonation, but low enough to eliminate foam while pouring!  The regulator takes 16 g co2 cartridges (2 included) and package includes 3 cleaning tablets.,Features:,,,128 oz ManCan Stainless Steel Growler,,,Flex Hose Tap and Perfect Pour Regulator,,,Gasketed Stainless Steel Cap,,,2 x 16 g CO2 Cartridges,,,Packet of 3 Cleaning Tablets

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