The GrainFather - All Grain Brewing System (120 v)

Model: MB_AG600


The Grainfather is a new all in one Brewing System with a hefty feature set, and an economical price tag.  It has a small footprint, but will brew 5 gal of beer from grain using household 120 v power.  Mashing takes place in the inner Stainless basket, and recirculates through the perforated plate (also SS!), resulting in great efficiency and clarity.  This unit also includes a counterflow chiller for cooling wort post boil.,Features:,,,304 SS Construction,,,Tempered Glass Lid for mash insulation,,,Mag Drive Pump (6 Watt  1800 rpm),,,SS Pump Filter,,,Expandable Grain Basket will fit a wide range of grain bills,,,SS Perforated filter for grain basket,,,1600 Watt Heating Element,,,Temperature Controlled Elements for mash control,,,Insulated Recirculation Pipe,,,8 US Gal Capacity,,,Includes cleaner,,,Includes CounterFlow Wort Chiller

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