Glass Marbles For Topping Up Barrels

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Clear glass marbles are a great choice for filling up volume in a small fermenter or oak barrel. Most of us have been in that situation where we have the ideal container we want to use to store our wine, but we just don't have quite enough wine. What are your choices? Either use several smaller containers, buy wine to top up, or try to purge the air space with inert gas. None of these are ideal solutions.Clear glass marbles, free of ink or contamination, are an ideal solution. Use just as much as you need to top up the vessel. When you transfer the wine out, remove your marbles, wash and reuse with your next batch (just don't lose them...) 3 lbs of marbles is enough to displace approximately 1 Liter of liquid. SpecificationsCount: Approximately 205Net Weight: 3 lbsMarble Size: 12mmColor: ClearVolume Displaced: About 1.05Qts/1L

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