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Blichmann Tower of Power Control Module - 240 v

Model: MB_BL902


An amazing way to automate a RIMS or HERMS system! Now available in electric, these controllers will work in concert with our suite of equipment options to complete your Blichmann Engineering™ system or act as a freestanding control powerhouse! The Electric TOWER of POWER™ offers superior precision and accuracy. The control module will hold your mash within +/- 0.5°F (1°C).  Includes industrial ignition electrode and high quality silicone/carbon fiber ignition wire. Monitors the temperature of your mash tun or HLT (or if you have two Control Modules, both).,,Control Module will include:,,,Class A precision RTD temperature sensor. The sensor can be installed in BrewMometer™ hole in your kettle for an HLT or into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing.,,,Power control to meter the intensity of the heating element from 0-100%.,,,Optional low level shut off port.,,,Optional Low level kettle switch deactivates heating element to avoid dry firing and potential scorching with element exposed to air. Simply connect low level switch installed in kettle to the TOWER of POWER control module and you are protected from dry firing and potential scorching with element exposed to air. Switch available factory punched for easy installation or as an after purchase add on.,,,Data port for optional remote monitoring and mash-profile programming (unlimited profiles) on your PC (Optional communication cable required).,,,One decal for MASH and one for HLT for appropriate labeling.,,,Compact enclosure of 4.25"W, 7"H, 7"D that is easily integrated into your brew system.,,,Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder-coated case that will look beautiful for years!,NOTE: Requires 240 v plug for Connectivity.

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