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BeerStix Barrel Tether - American Med +

Model: MB_OAK642

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Beerstix 8 piece Barrel Tethers are a great new means of imparting high quality Oak flavor to your beer.  These tethers are designed to fit through the bung hole of a barrel, and sized to treat 59 gallons of beer (for smaller volumes, or less oak impact, simply cut off sections as necessary).  Thanks to careful selection of oak, followed by precise aging and seasoning, and exact toasting, these Tethers will provide a round and rich oak character specific to the toast level and origin.  American Oak toasted to a Medium + with the beerstix milling will give you flavors and aromas of roasted coffee, light chocolate and honey, as well as some spice notes and hints of leather.  Every beer will accentuate, or mask different flavors from the oak, so expect some variation between beers!,The Beerstix miling gives 60% more surface area compared to the Winestix, speeding up the extraction process, and getting you a beer that has a rich oak character, in less time.  The Beer Stix are also milled thinner than the WineStix, allowing for denser toasting.,Features:,,,Oak Origin - North American New York Alba,,,Toast Level - Medium Plus,,,Oak Form - Barrel Tether (8 Piece),,,Volume Treated - 59 Gal Beer,,,Extraction Time - 2 Months (see note below),,,Flavors & Aromas - Roast Coffee, Light Chocolate, Spice, Honey, Nutmeg, Leather Hints.,,Please Note - Allow 2 months minimum extraction time to balance the extraction of short and long grain from the Stix. Removal of the wood early only allows certain extractions of flavors and primarily from the short grain in the BeerStix® milling., 

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