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Pin Valve CO2 Beer Regulator

Model: KO_G-RG321-14


Pin Valve Regulator for 20 oz. CO2 Tanks

This regulator has is set up to attach to Pin Valve Style CO2 Tanks (paintball style) It mounts from the side (vs. top mount on some models). The side mount unscrews from the valve independently so it greatly reduces the possibility of unscrewing the valve when you remove the regulator from the tank and provides a much safer system of using Pin Valve CO2 tanks with beer dispensing. This allows you to dispense beer from any standard Pin Valve tank like those used for paintball. These are more compact and more locations fill them than standard CO2 tanks. This regulator only work with a Pin Valve, not standard 320 valves found on larger tanks. We do offer an adapter so you can use it on standard tanks. These regulators use an American Made body and very high quality commercial grade components. They are pressure tested and inspected before shipping.
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