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Ss Brew Tech 1 Barrel (1BBL) Chronical - Conical Fermenter

Model: KO_G-1BBL

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Ss Brew Tech 1 Barrel (1BBL) Chronical - Brewmaster Edition Conical Fermenter
We are pleased to announce the next member coming soon to our Chronical family of fermenters: The Chronical 1 Barrel - Brewmaster Edition. Since launching our Chronical line back in 2013-14 (7 gal, 14 gal, and 1/2 bbl) many of you have written in to us asking when we are going to roll up our sleeves and do a 1 bbl. Well we heard you! This fermenter has several features you should compare to competitive offerings including a domed lid with a 3" TC port on the top, a standard fitted FTSs chiller coil that installs inside the fermenter body (not the lid), included /custom tailored neoprene insulation jacket, a standard/included sampling valve, internal electrically etched gallon markings, rotating racking arm (included), custom designed butterfly valves, a perforated stainless steel shelf on the bottom of the legs (for storage / blow off bucket), and like all of our fermenters the 1 bbl will come with a beautiful polished finish that would look at home in a museum or art gallery let alone your brewery! These are gorgeous pieces of craftsmanship! So whether you just drink lots of beer and are giving away a bunch to the neighborhood or whether you are running a nano-brewing op and need some additional capacity bolted on , we think you should take a good look at our fermenter against the other offerings out there. Oh - and like all the other fermenters on our site, this will be FREE SHIPPING. Be sure to factor that in to your cost analysis because other sellers are charging between $100 to $200 (or more) bucks to ship this size fermenter to you! We won't - we ship free! We think once you take a look at the bang for the buck here you'll be pretty excited about our new Brewmaster Edition 1 bbl Chronical!

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