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G01 Stefon - Imperial Organic Yeast

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  • The perfect strain for traditional German weizens, hefeweizens, and other German-style wheat beers! This strain of yeast is one of the most popular yeast strains worldwide for the production of these beers, and for good reason. This strain will produce big banana esters that are complemented by mild clove phenolics. Production of these compounds can be manipulated through fermentation temperature, with warmer temperatures producing more esters and lower temperatures allowing a greater clove phenolic character to come through. Underpitching can also allow the production of more banana esters. This is a low flocculating strain and is known to ferment very vigorously, so allow plenty of headspace or employ a blowoff assembly when using this strain for fermentation.A slight stronger acidity will be produced by this strain, which works perfectly in German wheat beers!

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