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Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit with Glass Carboys - Classic Dry Stout kit

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  • Our Deluxe Brewing Equipment Kit includes the best gear for beginning beermaking. It includes everything you need to get started, except some items you may already have sitting around your own house! Instead of doing any fermenting in plastic, this kit allows you to do both your primary and secondary fermentations in glass, an inert material that does not scratch or wear down like plastic. This means better, cleaner tasting beer for years to come! In addition, it comes with a separate cleaner and sanitizer. Why start off with an inferior beginning brewing kit when you can start with this? Get into home brewing the right way today, with the most complete starter brewing kit for under $200!

    Kit Includes the Following:
    6.5 Gallon Glass Primary Fermentor (better than a 6 gallon!), bung, and airlock
    5 Gallon Glass Secondary Fermentor, bung, and airlock
    6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with spigot, tubing, and bottle filler
    Lab Thermometer & Stick-on LCD Thermometer
    Hydrometer and Test Jar
    Auto-Siphon and Tubing
    Bottle brush and capper
    Bottle caps and priming sugar for carbonation
    Carboy brush
    Cleaner and sanitizer
    Instruction manual (for the two people out there that actually read the instructions)
    Brewing assistance via phone, 7 days a week from one of our trained and brew-loving staff

    NOTE: Picture above may not match 100% to items listed

    In addition to all the great equipment, we've made things easier for you and personally selected three beer kits to choose from for your first batch. They're great tasting AND easy to brew!

    American Wheat: A dry, crisp, and slightly tart American wheat beer that would appeal to both craft and mass beer drinkers.

    PDG Pale Ale: Like it hoppy? Then our PDG Pale Ale (that's short for Pretty Darn Good) is sure to be a hit with hop heads. Loaded with Northwest style hops, and low enough in alcohol that you can have more than one!

    Classic Dry Stout: Dark, roasty, and creamy! Our Guinness Stout clone is one of our most popular kits, and is a great starting ingredient kit for those wanting to brew something a bit darker.

    Dred Brown Porter: A dark, malty brown ale with caramel and chocolate notes that is nicely balanced.

    In addition to this kit, you'll need the following items:

    • Brew Pot (this is needed on brew day). You can use a stock pot from home. We recommend at least a 5 Gallon Pot.
    • A heat source. This could be as simple as your stovetop and as awesome as a propane gas outdoor burner. If using your stovetop, natural gas is the preferred option, but an electric stovetop will work.
    • Roughly 48 pry off, 12oz. beer bottles.
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