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Stainless Steel Kegerator Homebrew Kegging System - New Keg

Model: GF_GF801SS


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  • Turn your fridge into a kegerator with our kegerator homebrew kegging system! This system comes with all the internal workings of a kegerator system you will need, except the CO2 cylinder.

    Included is a high quality Taprite regulator, ball lock gas line assembly, a brand new 5 gallon cornelius keg, a ball lock liquid disconnect with swivel nut set, 6 feet of 3/16" ID Bevlex thick-walled liquid tubing, and a full stainless steel shank assembly that includes a SS standard beer faucet, faucet knob, 4" SS shank, 1/4" tailpiece, beer nut and neoprene washer. Make the draft system you have always wanted with this kegerator kegging system, complete with a brand spankin' new keg and stainless steel serving equipment!

    All you'll need in addition to this kit to make the ultimate kegerator, is a full CO2 tank. For local customers we sell full tanks at all of our retail locations!

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Weight: 15 lbs.
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