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64 oz. EcoGrowler

Model: GF_ECO64


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  • Use the growler of tomorrow, today! The EcoGrowler is the newest, most innovative way to transport and enjoy beer. Taking the concept of aseptic packaging into the beer scene, the EcoGrowler is made of 100% recyclable material and takes up much less space than traditional glass or plastic growlers. The contact layer seals in your beer's flavor without transferring any flavors from the packaging, keeping your beer's flavor clean and original, just like the brewer intended.

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of the EcoGrowler, however, is the extended shelf life it can offer. By eliminating dead airspace and light exposure, beer can be kept fresher, longer! The EcoGrowler also utilizes an oxygen-scavenging cap to capture stray oxygen molecules, keeping them from oxidizing your beer. Great not only for beer, but also wine, soda, tea...the list goes on. Try the packaging of the future, today!

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