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Blichmann Electric BrewEasy All-Grain Brewing System - 5 Gallons - 240V



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  • The BrewEasy is a revolutionary and ultra-compact all-grain brewing system that utilizes a patent-pending two kettle recirculation infusion mash process called Kettle-RIMS or K-RIMS for short. This setup gets rid of the hot liquor tank of a traditional three tier system and does away with the time consuming and somewhat complicated sparging process. Ultimately, it gives the all-grain brewer the simplicity of a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system, but eliminates the cloudy wort, messy and heavy lifting, all while providing better efficiency! You also get the temperature control and ramping capabilities of a traditional RIMS system. It is simple to setup and easy to use, can fit in your closet which is great for those who live in an apartment or condo, and is a very approachable way to transition from extract to all-grain brewing. Now with the electric version, you can also keep your brew day INSIDE, without having to use propane or natural gas!

    See the Additional Info tab for important electric power requirements!

    This product comes with all the pieces you need to get the ultimate electric BrewEasy setup, just choose the batch size you would like to brew, and you're all set! Comes with the following:

    • Two BoilerMaker brew pots (boil kettle and mash tun) and false bottom. See chart below for brew pot sizes.
    • BrewEasy adapter set with plumbing hardware, AutoSparge, and necessary tubing.
    • BoilCoil electric heating element (will ship in its own box, but necessary holes will be pre-drilled in the bottom brew pot).
    • Electric Tower of Power temperature controller.
    • Tower of Power LTE Stand with March 815 pump.

    BoilerMaker Brew Pots
    This BrewEasy all-in system comes with two BoilerMaker brew pots. The upper pot is the mash tun and the lower pot is the boil kettle. Based on your chosen batch sizes, here are the pot sizes that come with the kit:

    Batch SizeMash Tun (upper pot)Boil Kettle (lower pot)
    5 gal7.5 gal10 gal
    10 gal15 gal20 gal
    20 gal30 gal30 gal

    So, How Does it all Work?
    Simply start with ALL of your brewing water (liquor) for your brew day and place about half in the lower pot (boil kettle) and the remainder in the upper pot (mash tun). Set your AutoSparge, turn on the pump, and add heat. The liquor will recirculate from the boil kettle, into the mash tun, and back into the boil kettle. Recirculation flow rate is controlled by included orifices, allowing for 6 flow settings from 0.5 - 2.0 gpm. When you're at your desired temperature, turn off the pump and add your malt. Maintaining your mash temp or even ramping through several temperature rests is a breeze with the Tower of Power LTE system that is included. Just set your temp and sit back. When you're through with your mash, simply turn off the pump and let all the wort from your mash tun drain into your brew kettle and boil as normal. It's as simple as that!

    Already Own Some Blichmann Equipment? Then check out the BrewEasy Adapter Lid Kit. The kit is designed to upgrade your setup to the BrewEasy system if you already own a BoilCoil, brew pump, and the appropriately sized BoilerMaker brew pots.

    Can I brew smaller batches on a BrewEasy system designed for larger batches?
    Yes, you can definitely do this, but there are some caveats to note and special steps will need to be taken. The challenge is two-fold: an overly thin mash bed (which can lead to cloudy wort), mixed with a lower volume in the boil kettle (which can lead to carmelization). In general, the suggestion is to purchase the system that fits the batch size you plan to brew the most. See suggestions below:

    Less than 5 gal. in 5 gal. BrewEasy
    It is not recommended to brew smaller than a 4 gal. finished batch size in the 5 gal. BrewEasy.

    5 gal. batch in 10 gal. BrewEasy
    A minimum of 10 lbs. of grain. You'll also need the 9 in. AutoSparge float rod (SKU BE-000259-00), to accommodate the smaller mash. Maintain a minimum volume of 5 gallons in the bottom kettle at all times.

    10 gal. batch in 20 gal. BrewEasy
    A minimum of 20 lbs. of grain. You'll also need the 12 in. AutoSparge float rod (SKU BE-000260-00) to accommodate the smaller mash. Maintain a minimum volume of 7 gallons in the bottom kettle at all times.

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